The gal next-door or a date site intro, you decide!

How dose one introduce themself as a new person in the large world of bloggers. 

Would it go like a dating site, 5’6  fun colorful hair, curvy.. No, this is not going as planned.. Oh I got this, I’m that gal next-door that decided after over 15 year back I wanted a blog. We can thank 2020’s Covid-19 pandemic for me finally dragging my thoughts to a blog. There is the other point of staring a blog fear. Thinking to myself, your spelling and grammar are not ideal for writing (typing) to the public. Why should I put myself in the public light, I’m just me. My wonderful friends said “there is Grammarly” Looking forward to seeing what your blog is like. 

Just me has many cool interests, I garden ( I have a community garden, in house garden. My yard has growth too). A side effect of growing plants as food is preserving food, I can, freeze and dehydrate my surplus. I’m a bit of a gamer, board  computer games and rarely console. Modded Minecraft is my go to game but you will find games like Don’t Starve Alone, Don’t starve Together, Monster Hunter, Ark ,The Room and other single player games on my pc. I’m a lover of most animals, nature and supporting a positive mindset and environment mean a lot to me.

I have ideas to share. 

So maybe being someone that blogs takes just a heart to be real, touch lives and smile at yourself. Remember you don’t need to be perfect, just trying moves you forward.

What have you done that you thought you might not be good at? How did you get though it.

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