Airbnb Shawnigan Lake

What do you need when you need to take time away? I like quiet, clean and near nature. Being by the water calms my mind.   I decided time to get away, we did not have time and money for a long trip with a huge expense attached. We were coming to Vancouver Island to see… Continue reading Airbnb Shawnigan Lake

Coffee shops and bistros

When you think about a light place to have a snack, light meal and a drink what do you imagine? What does the environment look and feel like?  If your not sure what a bistro is, it is  small and inexpensive place where people can go to eat. Up until putting this blog together did… Continue reading Coffee shops and bistros

Tree rats aka squirrels

Have you tried to grow a garden with squirrels in town? Let me paint you a picture of me in the heat of those little rodents.. I go out many mornings early to water and check my front garden. It is my way of maintaining peace and tranquility in my world. And take a deep… Continue reading Tree rats aka squirrels

Teas for health

Are you someone that enjoys tea, did you know that many teas have many health benefits?  I have used teas to aid many things that ails us from allergies to upset gut for years Teas for high fluids or edema can be difficult to manage. Edema is swelling that is caused by fluid trapped in… Continue reading Teas for health

Weather hotter than Humans

This June our climate had risen beyond the normal human body temperature, which is 37.6 degrees Celsius or 98.6 Fahrenheit. We had a couple days of 42 to 44 degrees Celsius, 107.6 to 111.2 Fahrenheit . Our weather has never been this hot, a few degrees really can affect us. Heat can be deadly to… Continue reading Weather hotter than Humans

Packing Books

The last while I have been going through books and deciding what to keep and what to donate. Since some don’t know me, telling you I have books does not tell you the extent of my collection. Let me give you a mental idea of the size of my library. We own 3, 7’ by… Continue reading Packing Books

Crap Deal

My home has had more than our fair share of toilet problems. Yesterday before I went to work yet again another problem. We are ‘blessed’ with two toilets. This wonderful blessing means twice the chance for crap to go wrong. A few years ago we had a major flood from a toilet we had just… Continue reading Crap Deal

Walks out with nature

This week I’m having a hard time getting the get up for a topic or writing. So how about we talk about parks and nature walks. We are blessed with many parks and water bodies walking and driving distance from our home.  I love the call of the ocean. Last week I took my first… Continue reading Walks out with nature

A Time To Say Goodbye

We have many times in life when we have to say goodbye. Kids leaving home, friends/relationships moving or deciding to move on, pets going over the pet rainbow bridge when they die. Everything that we say goodbye to leaves footprints in our lives.   This last while has had some emotional times for my family.… Continue reading A Time To Say Goodbye

Seasonal Produce

Being someone that loves gardening and preserving food. I love to see what I can use in season. Many areas have local farms that you can buy from. Before the pandemic we had farmers markets. You could buy so many wonderful things, fresh breads, hand crafts and local produce. With our area moving to open… Continue reading Seasonal Produce


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