Life updates

If you have been following my blog for sometime, you may know we are in the process of relocating. Our townhome sold! That is quite the process. You need to get your home ready to make it like a show home. How does one do that when they have a “Bob’s Burgers family couch” Well… Continue reading Life updates

Wall Lizards

When you sit in nature you see many living things. Trees, flowers, shrubs, fungus, bugs and animals. When visiting people on the Island I have seen little green and black lizards. Sometimes you see them lying around sunbathing other times they are scuttling over and under rocks. Being a curious person I looked them up.… Continue reading Wall Lizards

Weird Energy Levels

Summer is a time when we think we should have a good amount of energy. The extended hours of light, warmth and fresh air. Then why are people getting more rundown this year? This is the first year in two years events are back on in full capacity. Some people are right on, all the… Continue reading Weird Energy Levels


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