Walks out with nature

This week I’m having a hard time getting the get up for a topic or writing. So how about we talk about parks and nature walks. We are blessed with many parks and water bodies walking and driving distance from our home.  I love the call of the ocean. Last week I took my first… Continue reading Walks out with nature

A Time To Say Goodbye

We have many times in life when we have to say goodbye. Kids leaving home, friends/relationships moving or deciding to move on, pets going over the pet rainbow bridge when they die. Everything that we say goodbye to leaves footprints in our lives.   This last while has had some emotional times for my family.… Continue reading A Time To Say Goodbye

Seasonal Produce

Being someone that loves gardening and preserving food. I love to see what I can use in season. Many areas have local farms that you can buy from. Before the pandemic we had farmers markets. You could buy so many wonderful things, fresh breads, hand crafts and local produce. With our area moving to open… Continue reading Seasonal Produce

What’s On the Menu

So the very fact that we need to eat everyday frustrates me, not that I think we should starve… although it would cost less to feed us. It is really hard to think of something to feed oneself or family 3 times a day, we are so blessed to have this problem.  How do you… Continue reading What’s On the Menu

Feathered Travelers

All over the world we have birds that travel from one area to another, they are called migrating birds. In my area we have Bald Eagles and flocks of Canadian Geese. The geese fly in a V formation to conserve energy. American Robins are usually the first we see coming back to the area. I… Continue reading Feathered Travelers

Is that a sprout?

Planting season is filled with growth, people that grow from seeds have that new parent feeling when we watch our seeds bust from their housing and spout a little root. Did you know that you can just plant a healthy new seed and likely have something grow. There is a lot of science behind seeds… Continue reading Is that a sprout?

Modified Medical Appointments

Often I have so many ideas flowing in my mind I’m having as I call them “Human moments” Were I’m having problems getting ideas out and feeling less then myself. It seem like a good time to share about medical appointments in the pandemic. It brings me pleasure to involve you in the world around us,… Continue reading Modified Medical Appointments

Worm Dirt

Have you spent the day sifting through dirt? It is spring, dirt and I are bonded. I try to wear gloves more than not. When I wear them, I can’t feel the dirt and any life huddled in the dirt. Yesterday I took out my worm composting system. I started my worms over 5 years… Continue reading Worm Dirt


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