Study Skills

Studying and research are similar. You have to be determined to make the time to learn .  This week has been a heavy week of studying. I have decided to take my occupational first aid level 2. This involves 2 books and being able to cross reference. If you have the chance to read a… Continue reading Study Skills

Making Milk Alternatives

When you are switching to plant based milks because of digestive problems, allergies to animal dairy, or personal choice not to have animal products, you can make your own plant based milk. If you have allergies you can work within them with whatever grains and seeds you can safely enjoy. I have not added sweeteners… Continue reading Making Milk Alternatives

Spring Is In The Air

 As I clean up the rest of my plants and garden in preparation to move, my plants are telling me they are ready for a new year of getting big and strong. Their shoots are perking up though the cold ground. My rhubarb, mint, chives, lovage and raspberry canes have visible growth. We will be… Continue reading Spring Is In The Air


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