Music For Moods

Wednesday and the rain is coming down. The pandemic is really taking a toll. Might be time to put on some tunes.  Music can affect the way our brains work and perceive the world around us.  It can have a powerful influence on our brains and hormones. I’m very eclectic, that just means I value… Continue reading Music For Moods

Happy 1 year of being a blogger and seemingly good ideas.

Let’s celebrate together! I have published 53 posts and have 54 followers, most of whom I don’t know. I have added one post every Thursday morning. I’m so enjoying my journey of sharing and hopefully helping people learn new things and enjoy some cool topics. I am grateful for all that have read my blog… Continue reading Happy 1 year of being a blogger and seemingly good ideas.

Late Summer Gardens

If you grow food, you might know different years come with success and failure. This year in my part of the world we had a heat dome, smoke and more bugs then I could deal with. This is one of my late fruits of all the work. For those of you unfamiliar with the Heat… Continue reading Late Summer Gardens

Vegan conversion kit

This week I feel compelled to put on my Swedish Chef hat, First, you take the human, then you take the chicken…  Scratch the chicken, tosses the chicken over my shoulder.. Those that became vegan as a statement against the harm in using animals for food or to Support the PETA (People for The Ethical Treatment… Continue reading Vegan conversion kit


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