Wired differently

My week has been busy thinking about what to cover in this week’s blog. Does your brain work differently than others? Whether you are someone that thinks too much or appears to hold a calm brain we are all built the way we were meant to be. Neurodiversity, I only became aware of this term… Continue reading Wired differently

Emergency grab kit

The recent heavy rains in my area that caused mass flooding in the area around me got thinking. What is in our emergency grab kit. Before you’re ever faced with a disaster, sign up for a first aid class.  When I opened my kit it was not very ready. I will be fixing this soon.… Continue reading Emergency grab kit

The Gift Of Giving

Many of us have been exposed to kindness and helping others. I recall growing up watching the Variety Children’s Telethons. That was a TV telethon that many homes in North America. Public Broadcast system did one my partner remembers when they would do Red Dwarf marathons and such for donations. Was a local station out of… Continue reading The Gift Of Giving

Shawnigan Hills B&B

Have you wanted to run off to the hills and enjoy wildlife and clean air?  When I go away I like having a quiet place with less people, I love to cook when I’m away. So having a mini kitchen to enjoy works well for me and others I cook for. This time I had… Continue reading Shawnigan Hills B&B

Family Foods

Growing up we all had different foods. Some had homemade food, some had canned. We all hold memories for what we had. I know families that foraged and families that had little. This week’s blog was inspired by a video on Great depression/recession foods. This was a time when there was an economic downturn. Many… Continue reading Family Foods

Reducing stress

So many of us have the tools to reduce stress, This is something I work on and forget to practice sometimes. Knowing something and not using it does not help.  We need to use our skills before we are stressed to know how they work and feel. If you are in a constant state of… Continue reading Reducing stress

The story Of A Rose.

In September we went for a trip to the beach. It was sunny and there was a breeze, a little cool but nice. I was out for a walk, relaxing, and to take some photos. On the beach I saw a scattered floral arrangement. It seemed out of place on the beach, scattered with random… Continue reading The story Of A Rose.

Music For Moods

Wednesday and the rain is coming down. The pandemic is really taking a toll. Might be time to put on some tunes.  Music can affect the way our brains work and perceive the world around us.  It can have a powerful influence on our brains and hormones. I’m very eclectic, that just means I value… Continue reading Music For Moods


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