Be prepared pantry

When you are packing up, do you think about what you have in your pantry or what you might need at the new place? Being someone that cooks I like to have the basics of meal prep on hand. I have this vision of my new home having an amazing space for my pantry goods.… Continue reading Be prepared pantry

Routine Out The Window

People often have things they do over and over. Waking up and having set patterns and routines is part of how many living things pull though… Then the holidays happen, all that once was is lost. Some are scrambling to get their first beverage of the day as they stagger about in their lost sense… Continue reading Routine Out The Window

Beds Then And Now

The unusual cold weather we are having in my part of the world has me thinking about how lucky anyone is to have a warm bed and nice bedding.  Did you ever think about where beds came from and how we evolved from sleeping on the ground? We have come a long way since the… Continue reading Beds Then And Now

Tis The season to over do it

Well the holiday hustle and bustle is upon us, we as people often enjoy pleasing others at the expense of our own good. Needing to meet one more person or cook something nice, maybe do extra cleaning. If you’re like many with chronic health problems you may need to draw lines. (Thinking out loud, “I’m… Continue reading Tis The season to over do it

Some Like it Hot

How spicy do you like your food?  I was cleaning out my hot sauce collection to get more packed for moving. Now I have hot sauce that when the factory makes them they need safety gear.  I make very spicy salsa. When I make a batch at home I wear gloves, a bandana over my… Continue reading Some Like it Hot

Wired differently

My week has been busy thinking about what to cover in this week’s blog. Does your brain work differently than others? Whether you are someone that thinks too much or appears to hold a calm brain we are all built the way we were meant to be. Neurodiversity, I only became aware of this term… Continue reading Wired differently

Emergency grab kit

The recent heavy rains in my area that caused mass flooding in the area around me got thinking. What is in our emergency grab kit. Before you’re ever faced with a disaster, sign up for a first aid class.  When I opened my kit it was not very ready. I will be fixing this soon.… Continue reading Emergency grab kit

The Gift Of Giving

Many of us have been exposed to kindness and helping others. I recall growing up watching the Variety Children’s Telethons. That was a TV telethon that many homes in North America. Public Broadcast system did one my partner remembers when they would do Red Dwarf marathons and such for donations. Was a local station out of… Continue reading The Gift Of Giving

Shawnigan Hills B&B

Have you wanted to run off to the hills and enjoy wildlife and clean air?  When I go away I like having a quiet place with less people, I love to cook when I’m away. So having a mini kitchen to enjoy works well for me and others I cook for. This time I had… Continue reading Shawnigan Hills B&B


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