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Study Skills

Studying and research are similar. You have to be determined to make the time to learn .  This week has been a heavy week of studying. I have decided to take my occupational first aid level 2. This involves 2 books and being able to cross reference. If you have the chance to read a… Continue reading Study Skills

Smoothies for life on the go!

When you are living the busy life having something quick that is packed with nutrition like a smoothie, you can make a smoothie in under five minutes provided you have the ingredients on hand.. Some blenders even come with to-go cups with leak proof lids. With all I have packed to get ready to sell,… Continue reading Smoothies for life on the go!

Changing a basic light switch

You might just turn on a switch to turn on your lighting. What if you think I want a new switch? Changing a switch has some basic principles.  Safety is something I try to always consider. Knowing where your electrical breaker is in the place you live is a good thing to know. Ours is… Continue reading Changing a basic light switch

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