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Airbnb Shawnigan Lake

What do you need when you need to take time away? I like quiet, clean and near nature. Being by the water calms my mind.   I decided time to get away, we did not have time and money for a long trip with a huge expense attached. We were coming to Vancouver Island to see… Continue reading Airbnb Shawnigan Lake

Coffee shops and bistros

When you think about a light place to have a snack, light meal and a drink what do you imagine? What does the environment look and feel like?¬† If your not sure what a bistro is, it is ¬†small and inexpensive place where people can go to eat. Up until putting this blog together did… Continue reading Coffee shops and bistros

Tree rats aka squirrels

Have you tried to grow a garden with squirrels in town? Let me paint you a picture of me in the heat of those little rodents.. I go out many mornings early to water and check my front garden. It is my way of maintaining peace and tranquility in my world. And take a deep… Continue reading Tree rats aka squirrels

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