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Be prepared pantry

When you are packing up, do you think about what you have in your pantry or what you might need at the new place? Being someone that cooks I like to have the basics of meal prep on hand. I have this vision of my new home having an amazing space for my pantry goods.… Continue reading Be prepared pantry

Routine Out The Window

People often have things they do over and over. Waking up and having set patterns and routines is part of how many living things pull though… Then the holidays happen, all that once was is lost. Some are scrambling to get their first beverage of the day as they stagger about in their lost sense… Continue reading Routine Out The Window

Beds Then And Now

The unusual cold weather we are having in my part of the world has me thinking about how lucky anyone is to have a warm bed and nice bedding.  Did you ever think about where beds came from and how we evolved from sleeping on the ground? We have come a long way since the… Continue reading Beds Then And Now

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