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Building up old Garden beds

If you are a die hard gardener and believe in reusing you might be interested in this blog, take time to get your beverage. Moving to my new space I was excited with a clean garden slate. There was some dread in building new beds. It can be expensive with wood prices up. I started…

Meals for a small fridge aka hotel living

Many times in my life we are away from home, jobs, conferences and pleasure. We are forced to use tiny hotel fridges to store our meals. Being someone with food challenges, I need to bring food with me. This is quite the task. Lugging a huge cooler with me is something that gets me through.…

After holiday inflammation

Many of us enjoy the holiday foods and beverages. Sometimes our bodies say this is not working for our best.  More coffee, alcoholic and carbonated beverages, excess  fats and sugars, lower fiber and the things we overindulge in over the holidays with our homemade or store bought foods. If you’re one of the many that…

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