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Starting a new worm composter.

Do you like to compost and help you garden? Even if you live in a small space you can compost many of your food scraps. I had to restart my worm colony that I had for over five years, I think it was much longer but I don’t recall how long. Start up costs can…

Tea and electronics don’t mix well!

Grab your favorite hot drink for this read, put it far from the electronics.  Great way to start an Easter long weekend. First I got the virus that was running in the house ( when I get sick, I get extra sensitive and needy.) I was gaming trying to not feel as rundown. I had…

Spring cleaning tradition

Happy Spring! Have you or your family done a busy spring cleaning, where your whole home gets a detailed scrub down. I recall even our drapes came down to be washed, area rugs were beaten and windows were cleaned until they squeaked.  Grab your favorite hot beverage, maybe a larger size and get cozy. Did…

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