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Laughing and Jokes

Have you had one of those weeks where things felt heavy and grim? Friends came to my rescue after a particularly hard week.  I’m trying to recall some to share.  Laughter is very good to help you get out of a sad or rough emotional state. It helps flood us with oxytocin (it is an… Continue reading Laughing and Jokes

Used house problems

Have you ever moved? Whether you bought or rented, I’m sure some of you have run into some kind of challenges being in a new space. Common things that can be easy or more complex can happen. The plumbing has a block or leak, mold on walls or mold on window sills, an appliance stops… Continue reading Used house problems

The calm of nature

Moving to my new area and comparing notes with friends. I found that many of us find things in nature very calming.  Raindrops on roses, cool air on your cheeks, the sound of the birds. Have you ever questioned what it is about nature that calms and clears our minds? It lowers our heart rate… Continue reading The calm of nature

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