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Basics of unclogging a sink drain plug

Have you thought about how to unclog your bathroom sink drain?  In my years of being a housekeeper and living in places with the pull up knob style sink plugs I have learned how to take out the stopper. I also can do the more involved process of disconnecting the pipe.  We will start with…

Butter fingers

Have you heard the old saying that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? This has nothing to do with apples or trees. The great likenesses family can have is wild sometimes. Have you had times when you thought you were going to talk about one thing, then life gets slippery? I thought this…

Building up old Garden beds

If you are a die hard gardener and believe in reusing you might be interested in this blog, take time to get your beverage. Moving to my new space I was excited with a clean garden slate. There was some dread in building new beds. It can be expensive with wood prices up. I started…

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