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Life updates

If you have been following my blog for sometime, you may know we are in the process of relocating. Our townhome sold! That is quite the process. You need to get your home ready to make it like a show home. How does one do that when they have a “Bob’s Burgers family couch” Well… Continue reading Life updates

Healthy food for hot days

If you are like many of us, eating a heavy meal on a super hot day is just not what you want to do to your gut. We don’t digest as well on really hot days. The thought of using the oven or even the stove makes many want to wither on an already hot… Continue reading Healthy food for hot days

Switching From Google Hangouts

In today’s complicated world of online communication you have so many things to choose from.  In my family we used a Google program called Hangouts, Nice simple communication device to chat that could be used on your cell, computer or tablet. What happens when your old faithful stand by gets changed? Doom! Panic! How do… Continue reading Switching From Google Hangouts

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