Tea and electronics don’t mix well!

Grab your favorite hot drink for this read, put it far from the electronics. 

Great way to start an Easter long weekend. First I got the virus that was running in the house ( when I get sick, I get extra sensitive and needy.) I was gaming trying to not feel as rundown. I had just been given tea. I put it on my keyboard tray that sits on my lap. I have done this for years without incident. I had my phone in the tray too. Well then I got a call, it scared me so much I jumped causing my tea to overturn over my keyboard, phone and lap. A bit got on my desktop computer that is not on a desk.

I’m ready to cry, I’m filled with frustration and not tea. I think oh the keyboard should be taken apart. Hours later I’m still using it to game against my better judgment. My sick brain is like I just want to play games. Then it starts acting up. So now it is like a melt down, a no tea melt down..

Every keyboard will have some differences. 

Supplies needed

  • Precision screwdrivers
  • Cotton swabs
  • Lighting
  • Kleenex for drying the keyboard (and to be ready for the tears that might come with this mishap.)
  • A small container for the screws
  • A clean work space well lit (mines head light)
  • Someone tech savvy with fine motor skills 

There are about 20 screws in this thing. And they are tiny. Well it was taken apart, my patient human working on it left the screws in the holes to make it easier to get back on. Some of the screws were located between the rows of keys. Not intending to make things more of an ordeal I picked up the keyboard thing thinking I was helping, and knocked many of the screws out all over the floor. I’m sure the frustration just got higher.

We laid down tissue over all the tea moistened areas and pressed the keys on the circuit board to dry tea out of that and release it from the keys. We used a cotton swob for the tight spots 

Now it will be left apart to dry thoroughly.

If this happens to you please unplug your keyboard and receiver.  Take it apart right away. Leave it to dry. You might need a drop of water to clean off sticky or dirt spots. After that we have tested it once and bought a cheap new keyboard after some of the keys were still not working.

If Easter was a long weekend in your area I hope it was more relaxed. If not, I hope you are getting some spring weather.

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