Starting a new worm composter.

Do you like to compost and help you garden? Even if you live in a small space you can compost many of your food scraps.

I had to restart my worm colony that I had for over five years, I think it was much longer but I don’t recall how long.

Red wigglers and a worm cocoon (The yellow ball is the cocoon)

Start up costs can vary when you look into worm housing. I have a worm condo. I think it cost about $140 CAD then about $50 for a pound of red wigglers. This time for a red wiggler starter pack it cost $115.35 with shipping and handling.

When we opened the new box with the worm kit it came with 1/2 a pound of worms in damp coconut coir, a small dry brick of coconut coir, shredded paper, a small bag of the finished product called worm castings and some fine powder of rock dust and calcium this helps them be healthy and break down food.

Powder for the worm food and worm castings.

You need a big clean container (rubber bin or bucket) to soak the coconut coir in water, just enough to barely cover it. That will soak up to 30 minutes or until it is damp and broken apart. You don’t want it soggy.

The stacking worm condo came with 5 trays a stand and lid

Then put it into your container. One side will be damp shredded paper the other the coconut coir. Move some of the coir apart make a divot big enough to put all the worms in. Pro tip, freeze cut up food scraps like carrot tops and peels, apple peels, melon rinds, strawberry tops, cut up banana peels, coffee grounds, tea leaves, left over greens (without oils or animal products like meat, bones, skins).

This is the food I have in the freezer, it helps to break it down and makes it easy for them to eat. (They have strong teeth so frozen is no problem) just teasing about them having teeth 😉

They need food every few days, so keep freezing their food. Or feel free to give it to them fresh.

Be patient this process takes months to get enough worms reproducing to use the worm castings. It will be worth the wait with the nutrients that they leave behind. a well kept colony will last years or decades.

You will likely be able to find a company in your area that sells the worms. Many communities have classes that include a set up. Talk to your local garden club or compost centers.

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