Beverages For The Holiday’s

Well, tis the time of year when the weather is cooler and many of us have festive food and beverages of all kinds. Some of the festive drinks are hot, some are chilled, and some have alcohol.

In my home I have made so many lovely drinks, something the I’ve been hoping to try is homemade eggnog.

Neat how many people in my family enjoy different beverages. One likes the orange and clove drinks and then some like the coffee eggnog drink have made for years. I have a cranberry mulled drink that many enjoy. In past years, our home has hosted an open house on December 24. I always fix people up with a specials drink that suits there personality and taste buds. I’m mindful of diet needs including food restrictions. It has been fun keeping it creative.

Here is how I make the hot cranberry drink, I use one litre of apple juice as the base, a cup of whole cranberries and two tablespoons of mulling spices. Simmer that on the stove until the flavour is strong enough for your liking. I have put orange slices in this blend too. I can share this with my vegan and paleo friends. I remind my diabetic people that apple juice is high in natural sugar, I do not buy brands with extra sweetener. Enjoy a cup, please remember to check your blood sugars over the holidays! Stresses and foods we don’t enjoy every day can spike your blood sugars. 

My coffee eggnog beverage is made with one shot of espresso (regular medium brew), warmed eggnog (dairy or non dairy), and stirred with a cinnamon stick. I don’t really have a recipe it is made in a one cup serving. I might make one before the blog goes up to give you a recipe. You know that recipe you have just make forever that you just know it works. A dash of this, a splash of that. Not sure my family likes my fly by the seat of my pants cooking style. I’m not sure how many thing I make that they could recreate. I hope they were watching!

After work I tested out my espresso beverage, if you have an espresso maker you want brew 4 oz (120 ml) of strong expresso, I pre heat the eggnog about 2 minutes in a 1000 watts microwave for 1cup (250ml), that is enough for 2 people to enjoy the drinks. Or on the stove just under boiling, I pour half in both cups add the expresso. I have a cappuccino steam part to my maker so I put 2 oz (60ml) of the espresso-eggnog mix in there and froth it. If you don’t have that steam part you can briskly hand whisk the hot eggnog before adding it to the coffee. You will stir the coffee before the froth with a cinnamon stick. Leave the stick in and serve or enjoy it yourself. Great way for the much needed false energy boost! I have mine about 8 pm on most December 24, whee!

Yes Keto people we have something for you, no I’m not going to just recommend water! Try one with alcohol   Sugar-free Gingerbread Martinis

Or ones without. Keto drinks are low sugar so they also can be enjoyed by people on sugar restricted lifestyles or diets. Cranberry Lime Spritzer.

20 Comforting & Delicious Low Carb Hot Drink Recipes

How about winter smoothies? Smoothies are great when you need something to boost your energy and immune system. A great way to start the day of a heavy feast. The enzymes and vitamins help to break down foods. When whole foods are pureed in the smoothie, your gut has an easier time to use the good things. It also helps stabilize your blood sugars through the day.

Have you thought about different parts of the world and what dishes the festive drinks they enjoy? This blogger has shared 9 great drink from different parts of the world

History of some poplar holiday drinks.

What ever you celebrate remember you can create any traditions you like, talking over Zoom an online chatting platform, many have share they are creating new traditions and memories this year. So if you are trying to live within the health guidelines of your area during this pandemic, why not tray a new drink. I would love to read what beverages you enjoy. I raise my glass (mug of hot water) and toast to a year of new beginnings and better health.

Photo by Brigitte Tohm from Pexels

The first Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

The second Photo by Olenka Sergienko from Pexels

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