Walks out with nature

This week I’m having a hard time getting the get up for a topic or writing.

So how about we talk about parks and nature walks. We are blessed with many parks and water bodies walking and driving distance from our home. 

I love the call of the ocean. Last week I took my first walk in a year or more on the beach. The smell of the ocean can help to clear your head and your sinuses. There were many people out so in the busy areas we had our masks on. There were some wild roses just off of the trail, the smell of them was so lovely.

We talked about what it would be like to own beachfront property. As much as I love the beach We thought it would not be nice having to always have people around, not often would you have privacy. You would need to put up with people parking near or in your parking spot. 

There was one home that had a little metal pink painted bench in front of where they would park. I thought it was quite creative. Thinking and smiling to myself “A place to park little butts!”

I sadly did not get a photo of the cute bench. 

I so needed that beach walk with having to be away from many of the places I love this pandemic. I went to a few trails and parks throughout the time. The park near my house has trails and bridges. It can be a short walk to an hour. If you go one way there is a duck pond, I love to see the ducks. The other way goes to an overpass. There is a beautiful creek that runs through much of the place. It is not the kind of area you want to be during the wet seasons. It is a floodplain.

About 30 minutes away you can see so much large wildlife.  We have many black bears, coyotes, deer and wild cats. I have not seen the big cat for many years, close up, I do read about them in the papers.

If you are planning to enjoy time outdoors. A few things you might want to bring. Water, a rain jacket, sunscreen, and a sweater. Being in a temperate rainforest in the late spring early summer brings a variety of temperatures.

I often put a change of clothing in a sealed bag or in the vehicle. I also pack healthy snacks, dried fruit, seed mix, and protein bars. Sometimes crackers and cheese. If you are in an area with wildlife, be aware, animals may have young. Not much worse than upsetting a large animal with young. 

I hope you have a good week, if you have a chance to get out in nature I would like to hear about the spots you enjoy and what you like about them. 

All the photo take by me.

A Time To Say Goodbye

We have many times in life when we have to say goodbye. Kids leaving home, friends/relationships moving or deciding to move on, pets going over the pet rainbow bridge when they die. Everything that we say goodbye to leaves footprints in our lives.


Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

This last while has had some emotional times for my family. This week I had to say goodbye to a fur family member. Our little Chinchilla, we did a ritual of cleaning the place he had hung out for 10 or 11 years, that is when we got him. We think he was older than the dog who is 16, that is an old life for a Chinchilla. Having plans to deal with unexpected pet stuff.

Sometimes when we say goodbye we have a flood of emotions. When I had to say goodbye to our little friend, I felt sad, angry, worried and lost. The vet was kind and gentle, I was so grateful.

Sad and angry, I could not help our little fellow’s foot, so much effort was put into helping him. We had been trying for 4 months to heal the foot infection. Medications, foot soaks and bandaging. Goodbye little guy, you left footprints in our hearts.

Our little buddy Photo taken by me.

The poor fellow started to equate us with pain and discomfort and the people that gave him food pellet ammo. Crazy guy would pick up his food with one paw (hand like), take one bite and toss it, sometimes at us!

We also had a family member move out, it is very different to have just us and 2 pets. Sometimes people go and you don’t get to say good luck!

During the pandemic I had a friend move on, just stopped answering my calls. I had a sad time in my head in the beginning of the lock down in my area, so my guess is that my mind’s state was too heavy for them to hold. I was so sad to disconnect from that friend but people need to do what they need to do that takes care of their heart. 

My partner had to say goodbye to being at the office, this was hard. Loss of connections, loss of the equipment that made the job easier, and coffee made in a pot. All one had to do was walk to it and pour in a cup with sugar and stuff if you wanted, if they were desperate then pour straight from the pot into the mouth! That was the Monday after a long weekend!

The  indigenous people all over have lost family and not been able to say goodbye. In Canada we had a mass grave of 215 children found, sadly the families were not notified. This made me so sad. Many nations have felt the pain and loss of many elements of their background, religions and cultures.

Many of the goodbyes were not planned so no proper goodbyes could be exchanged. Dealing with unplanned goodbyes leave holes, if it was that Monday after the long weekend the coffee would fall out of the holes. This means we need ways to mend.

Being human has a lots of room to grow, heal and move forward. How do you say goodbye?

Seasonal Produce

Being someone that loves gardening and preserving food. I love to see what I can use in season. Many areas have local farms that you can buy from. Before the pandemic we had farmers markets. You could buy so many wonderful things, fresh breads, hand crafts and local produce. With our area moving to open up now over a year it will be wonderful to see the markets again

I started this year with a bunch of fresh asparagus from the local store. Had it steamed with lemon and butter.

My garden has given me rhubarb this May (I plan to make chutney with it). I have a currant bush loaded with berries and strawberries growing on the plants, the blueberries and grapes have flowers. Our plot in the community garden has pac choi, onions, lettuce and peas. We planted green beans but some non human ate them!

Photo by Kulbir from Pexels

In the months to come there will be fruit like plums, apples and peaches growing on my family trees.  I look forward to a bigger yard one day. 

Most months bring seasonal things I enjoy, because we are in a four season region we don’t get so much in our colder months from November to February without a greenhouse or cold frames. This is what grows in my part of the world. Early spring is from about late March to mid June. I like pac choi, asparagus, rhubarb, leaf lettuce, green onions and snap peas. Then summer is July to September and we start getting some wonderful fresh foods. cucumbers, zucchini, cherries, plums, and apricots. September to the end of the season, sometimes runs till late October. I like squashes  like spaghetti, pumpkin, and acorn as well as potatoes, onions, carrots, brussels sprouts and turnips. When winter hits I grow sprouts and sometimes start tomatoes and cucumbers in the house garden. I bring many of my herbs in to be about to eat fresh in the colder times.

With all I grow I still buy cases of things like tomatoes, hot peppers, cucumbers, and strawberries. I make spicy canned salsa. Last year I made spicy pickles and beans (we grew all the beans we canned). You can grow so many things in an 8’ by 8’ plot. I will need to see what I buy to use this year. Last September I went to my family’s home and was gifted with bags of apples. I brought over grapes and we canned them.

Taken by a family member of food we harvested late winter

As a teen my friends and I would go to old lots that had fruit growing and pick fresh food so it did not go to waste, late from late May to mid October we would be able to get berries, apples, pears, plums, We have wild salmonberries , huckleberries, blueberries, strawberries and my favorite blackberries, the wild ones have sharp thorns. I bring clippers as gloves as an adult but as a kid I would be covered in scratches from gathering them. I ate so much fruit and fresh foods growing up.

You can start buying local fruits from the fields. Despite growing my own fruits, I buy cases from the local farmers. Supporting local farmers is so key to building a good neighborhood

Taken by me, this is my pac choi mid May

If you are looking to find local farmers markets or growers you can look online, type in farmers markets or if you know the type of produse you want you can type in the name of the food and farms near me. Not every area has this kind of thing or the internet to find them. There are many experiences all over the world.

What do you enjoy eating and buying fresh from your area? Have you been to outdoor markets or gone to the felids to pick your own food? Would love to read some of your ideas for preparing seasonal produce.

Ins and outs of mask and pandemic safety.

I work in the public, I see and hear a lot. People upset about many aspects of masks, having to wear them, people that are not wearing them. People are getting upset about other people’s hygiene practices, not using hand sanitizer or throwing masks on the ground. We will find a way through the murky waters of this pandemic. If you’re like me you will be at the point of thinking it has no end.

 Photo by Nandhu Kumar from Pexels

If someone is out without a mask remember some people have medical exemption. Yes fear is a very real reason as well as hidden things you may not know. Every area has their on rules on who is except and how you get your exception. So please keep your distance and use compassion. Most people are not trying to be a problem. Being kind to others is a good way to live life. 

Photo by Jennifer Murray from Pexels

I need to wear a mask for my work. Steps to putting on your mask, use fresh washed or sanitized hands when you can, use the straps to touch it to put it on. Please if your hands are not clean don’t touch the mask part, not even to adjust the nosepiece. With hand sanitizer you need to wet your hands and rub then for 20 to 30 seconds let them dry. You could also wash with soap and water for 40 to 60 seconds. Hand sanitizer can be very toxic to babies and toddlers and pets. They have non toxic hand sanitizers Take time to wash your hands when you come into your home or business.

Photo by Burst from Pexels

If you are at any place like a hospital or doctor’s office and they ask you to put on a new mask, ask if you can wash your hands before touching your mask. One thing that upsets me is when you’re asked to change your masks in a busy place. They are trying to keep people from spreading germs but then they say remove your mask that is keeping most of your droplets in.

Masks with vents don’t keep as much of the person’s breath in. This is why airplanes and many medical places need you to change to masks they provide. They have better nose pieces and provide a snugger fit.

If you use a cloth mask, it is a good idea to wash them after sneezing or coughing. I wear mine for about 3 to 4 hours then put it in the wash. Keeping a spare clean mask in a clean cloth or plastic bag is a good plan. If you wear disposable masks, fold them on the part on the inside then toss them in a bin not on the ground. Wash your hands if you need to touch your mask even if you touch it by accident. One thing I see is people spiting in public. This has always seemed like an unhealthy thing to do.

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata from Pexels

If you are looking for new masks or if you’re interested to see different types of masks out there. There are many recommendations out there. I found out very recently, the type of mask I wear is not a recommended option. We are all learning and relearning.

If you are out, try to maintain distance between yourself and others outside your bubble.

We don’t always use our mask when we go on walks around the block. When I go to the community garden I often grab my mask. Some places it is mandated to not leave your home without a mask. I was reading that in India that people are expected to wear a mask even when driving alone

Do your best to keep healthy! When your in a safe space away from the strains of the outside pandemic, take time to breath deep. If you have any other tips or ways of coping I look forward to reading your comments, it is great to learn from each other..

What’s On the Menu

So the very fact that we need to eat everyday frustrates me, not that I think we should starve… although it would cost less to feed us. It is really hard to think of something to feed oneself or family 3 times a day, we are so blessed to have this problem. 

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

How do you get your ideas to make meals?

We tried a weekly meal plan at the bottom of the grocery list. So we are like “tacos, we need to buy tomatoes, lettuce, tofu, veggie ground, or meat, cheese and the ingredients to make homemade salsa or just grab a jar of salsa”.

We also have been trying to add new meals once a month to expand our menu.

Using old standbys can be a weekday saver, for our home that looks like chickpea stew. (I will type the recipe for my chickpea stew out some day and add it to the post) This is something we have the ingredients for stocked in the pantry and fridge. 

You can also respond to an email from a friend that messaged you instead of their spouse “What do you think we should have for dinner?” You might respond by giving them a new recipe to try that becomes a new house favorite. They are a family that eats chicken so I suggested orange ginger chicken served over rice. You can make this vegetarian with carrots.

Sometimes searching the internet for the ingredients you have can be a neat experience. Please avoid this if your family is already hungry and it is past meal time. It is like a lynch mob… You want to make things lighter, not incite them to grab torches and pitchforks.. Family dinner ideas.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

Find cool bloggers or Youtubers that have things that inspire you and make your mouth water. Many have email contents regularly to share their new recipes. Vegan Youtube Gluten free blogs

Take an online cooking class. This can be a great way to learn something new and share ideas with others. 

What about a meal swap, where you team up with a friend and they make dinner for your family and you make food for them. Then you do a no or low contact drop off. Let them know about food allergies and dislikes beforehand.


Every 2 weeks or so we treat ourselves to ordered food. This is a nice thing to plan for. You can do it around how it fits your lifestyle and budget.

I would love to see how you make your meals and share a recipe that makes your mouth sing.

Feathered Travelers

All over the world we have birds that travel from one area to another, they are called migrating birds. In my area we have Bald Eagles and flocks of Canadian Geese. The geese fly in a V formation to conserve energy. American Robins are usually the first we see coming back to the area. I have not seen them come in flocks but they are not a large bird like the Canadian Goose or the Great Blue Heron.

Photo by Dan Hussey from Pexels Canadian Geese

This is amazing to watch the birds group together and move in one large flock. It is a great time to get out your cameras and get some photos. My family loves to take photos of wildlife. You must have time and patience to capture a bird in flight. I go to my family’s home and they have amazing photos of hummingbirds and other birds from all over. It is nice to sit at the table and enjoy the birds. My dog enjoys watching the bunnies and birds over at their home also. 

Photo by Frank Cone from Pexels Bald Eagles

Some of our birds of prey/raptors have been fitted with tracking devices to learn the migration patterns. Eagles are a protected species. This means that if there is a nest people can’t build around the area or destroy the nest. The birds are protected from hunting or abuse. You will have hefty penalties if you kill, injure or disturb an eagle. If you find one injured or dead you must contact the wild life authorities in Canada or the USA

Many of the birds travel much farther than experts ever were able to get information on before the tracking devices were put on. I have learned a lot attending wildlife community events. 

Birds come and go to find more stable conditions to have offspring. When the weather is too cold birds metabolism goes down so they leave before they freeze. 

For the ones that stay there are lovely humans that care for them by providing food, shelters and freshwater. This is a commitment, if you start caring for wild birds whether they stay or go, they often will come back to your space to enjoy the resources. If you are going away from home for holidays or a prolonged time please get someone to fill you water and bird feeders.

Photo by Frank Cone from Pexels Hummingbirds

If you are one that enjoys hummingbird feeders, please consider making your own hummingbird nectar. You can put it in clean mason jars in the fridge and it will last quite some time. Refined white sugar and water without dyes is the best way to keep hummingbirds healthy and happy. The reason I recommend making your own nectar is many store bought ones have dyes and other irritants that are very harmful to the birds. Also when you make your own you know when it was made and what is in it. There is some question about boiling the water when you make the blend, some say it helps rid the water of impurities. 

I would also say if you enjoy being the human helper please put something on your windows stickers, tape decals or zen drapes, I have seen so many birds hit the windows and get stunned, that leave them vulnerable or injured.

Feeders and nectar care, if you have a seed feeder you want to take it down and give it a good cleaning every 3 to 4 months. Top it up in-between. 

Your hummingbird feeders in warm weather need to be taken down about every 5 to 6 days. Take it apart and wash it with some warm mild soap and rinse it really well then let it air dry. Put it back up with clean nectar and enjoy the birds. The nectar can be kept in the fridge for many weeks, always check it before adding it for mold. If there is mold, toss it and make a fresh batch. 

In the area I live in we have at least 2 Blue Heron reserves, when you drive less than 30 mins from my area you see the most amazing bird. We also have a designated rehabilitation and rescue program for injured and disabled birds of prey.

 Photo by David Dibert from Pexels Great Blue Heron

In doing this blog topic sadly I realized when my computer died I might have lost all the photos I took of the birds of prey. I forsee a blog about backing things up more then once and labeling thing so onr care fine them again.

I hope your week to come brings many blessing. please let me know what birds you love or what birds come to your feeds or area.

Is that a sprout?

Planting season is filled with growth, people that grow from seeds have that new parent feeling when we watch our seeds bust from their housing and spout a little root. Did you know that you can just plant a healthy new seed and likely have something grow. There is a lot of science behind seeds and growing. Grabs my science hat… 

I don’t really wear a science hat. 

But I love to read about things and science is fascinating. So a seed needs a few basics to grow, moisture, climate. Some like it warm to hot and others will enjoy a cool dark place and time. Each seeds sprout time varies. I have seen seeds take less then a day to weeks to sprout.

There are seeds that enjoy a light blanket of covering and others want to be on top of the medium to grow. All seeds need to have water and carbohydrates stored in the seed, so when and how the seed is gathered in the plants seed stage is very key to whether you will have a living viable seed.

Some tests I have read about to check if your older seeds are still good are stick some in water and see if they sink or float in 15 min. If you have some floating still you can soak them 12 hours if they still float your seed is likely ready to be compost. If it sunk you likely have a productive seed. They have a good chance under their ideal conditions to sprout. If they float it is probably because they lack viable embryos or nutrient.

Anatomy of a seed Taking a bit of time to learn about the seeds you want to plant can help the best outcome. Inspect you seeds, looking for mold or physical damage. Read the packs they came in sometimes will give you some great information. how deep to plant them, when, where and tips on planting them. One thing many of my seed packs don’t have in the expected germination time or the best temperatures to try to start them at. Having older seed does not mean you have useless seeds, so test them before tossing them out. I find they often need a more controlled setting to get your older seeds to sprout. If they get stinky and slimy once moisture is added they should be tossed out. I put ones like that in the compost. You can mist your seeds with a peroxide 1 to 1 mix to help them not get mold. I put mine in a Hydrogen Peroxide mix before trying to germinate them

Because some seeds don’t have enough carbohydrates to grow, I have read that putting in water that you have sprouted beans in it holds the carbohydrates that help a seed break out of its shell. The last thing I do in testing seeds is put 10 in a slightly damp folded paper towel. I tuck mine in a zip lock bag. You can also put it in a jar with a lid and leave it in a quiet place. I write a note on tape, type of seed, time and date that I put the seed in. If they are warm seeds like cantaloupe, peppers, tomatoes, watermelons I keep at about 70 degrees fahrenheit, or 21 degrees celsius. Some need to be warmer, some greens need to be cooler. Spinach, lettuce,  bok choy. When to plant your seeds You can do less seed but if you want to test how many out of that batch will grow this will help to give you a percentage.

So this year to keep my seeds at a consistent temperature I gave a try to my yogurt setting on my multi cooker. So far I had a cucumber sprout and some licorice plants. I put in 8 different food seeds and a butterfly flower mix. I did this on April 21 2021.

As I was reading about seeds one of my favorite youtube gardeners shared a cool storage idea from a blogger he enjoys, sore your seeds in plastic photo storage boxes, I will be buying one. Kevin from The Epic gardener

I hope you have a great start to planting season, please share if you have ever grown a seed. Share your tips about seeds. Happy growing.

Modified Medical Appointments

Often I have so many ideas flowing in my mind I’m having as I call them “Human moments” Were I’m having problems getting ideas out and feeling less then myself. It seem like a good time to share about medical appointments in the pandemic.

It brings me pleasure to involve you in the world around us, make you feel and have thoughts about things. This week I’m lost with emotions.

When you have long term health challenges and an ongoing pandemic, connecting with doctors and specialists can be quite the ordeal. During the pandemic many people in my life have had to get medical care.   

Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

So often people wait a long time to see their doctors or specialists. Then to find out this will be a call with the new physician. Both ends don’t even know what that person looks like. Reading people over the phone can be hard. Can’t see their body language or see the expressions. 

Many of us can mask so much when it is not face to face. I wonder if it is pride or fears that make us put on an emotional mask. 

So if you are waiting to see or talk to a medical professional keep a log. In your log you want to note your physical and emotional symptoms. Have a place to keep notes. Mark the time and date, if you need medical words to describe your symptoms you can do an online web search.

Some of the things I go through involve problems with things I consume (food or beverages). That to me means logging about 3 days of what food I had before problems came up, then keeping an ongoing log/journal afterwards of symptoms. It is very hard to recall what you might have had 3 days before a problem. Try your best to just keep a full diet log for 1 month then add things like what the reaction was, and body functions like going poo and how it is. Might sound like a crap deal but it really helps doctors know what you are going through and how to do the best tests to help diagnose the health stuff.

Photo by GettyImages/Elenathewise

Things you want to add to your notes you are sharing with a medical person is all medications (even over the counter), herbal supplements and vitamins you are taking. Any known allergies or sensitivities.

If I have a phone or video appointment I call a week ahead a time and ask if I could please email the doctor my log notes and questions. I add a summary of what I want out of the appointment. When you have a video appointment often you will be sent a link to use on a computer or video call on your cell or tablet or a web link to be on. You often will get instructions on what to do minutes before

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Things that might happen if you have an in office appointment you may get a phone call the day of or before do a Covid screening questionnaire. This is where they ask about if you have Covid symptoms, if you have travelled or been in contact with anyone with Covid. Are you or have you been asked to self quarantine in the last 14 day, have you had a Covid screening test? You might need to do a written or phone app Covid screening when you get  to the office and they might do a forehead temperature reading. At my general practitioners office I have to change my cloth mask to a medical grade paper mask. When I went to the bio lab, I was told that even though it was a freshly washed cloth mask, mine has a breathing vent, so they shared that it keeps me safer but allows my breaths to escape. Learn new things all the time. Please if you are given a mask wash ( I always politely ask if I could please wash with soap and water to have an allergy type reaction from hand sanitizer.) or sanitize your hands before you take that mask.

In 2021, I have been at my computer or with a notebook or printed copy of what I sent the doctor, taking note where I leave spaces for notes and answers to questions. 

by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

If you have a struggle doing this you can ask a trusted human in your bubble to be with you to take notes or have a conference call. If you choose to do that call the doctor’s office beforehand let them know that is how you would like to do that and then wait for the call.

Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

I hope your experiences with the modified visits help you thought anything that happens with your health. Please feel free to share what you like or dislike about the way appointments have gone for you and your loved ones. Take care till the next post, when we hear Doctor Bob says to nurse Piggy..

Worm Dirt

Have you spent the day sifting through dirt? It is spring, dirt and I are bonded. I try to wear gloves more than not. When I wear them, I can’t feel the dirt and any life huddled in the dirt.

Yesterday I took out my worm composting system. I started my worms over 5 years ago.

When I first started I got a big black tote I put in small shredding of newspaper, a couple handfuls of dirt and a handful of sand.  Then I tucked in a small handful of frozen food scraps. ( apple peels, banana, tea leaves, coffee grounds, fruit and veggie tops and a few carrot shavings). Things went great till we had a hot summer. 

Devastation happened, my whole big colony was dead. It left me heartbroken. I had to do new research to learn better ways to build and feed my worm bins.

I really was just winging it. I called a local place that sold compost worms and farms. I bought a five tray stacking unit and a half a pound of red wiggler worms

With the worms and the bin It was about $176. You can make one for under $30 dollars, without the worms. Worms vary in price. 1 pound of worms cost about $45. If gardening and dirt are something you love you might want to add a worm bin. I have read many things on this type of composting, and done it a few different ways. Many communities have a composting class and an ability to get a full basic set up for a bit less, that’s group rate. I think that this might be on hold in many parts do to the pandemic.

When I had my big black tote one of the setbacks was getting the matter and worms out when it was time to use the worm castings. It was very heavy!

I really love my stacking worm system. I can take off one layer at a time. As I had shared before with some of the things going on with my health, I don’t always have enough energy for a big project. Two or three times a year I sort out my worms and start new trays. When I had to do this with my huge bin it was too much work.

Worms would rather not be put through huge temperature ranges. If it gets too hot I put them in a cool place, I store them in the shed in the winter. We don’t get extreme weather in my part of the world, but they are happier in a closed building.

You can keep small bins in an apartment or home. If you take good care of your bin and always cover your organic matter the bin could go under the sink and not smell bad.

You might be thinking what is the benefit of worms or maybe you fish and think bait.

I dumped in old potting soil at the end of late summer, the soil had green slow release fertilizer in it so that is one thing the worms will not break down. Meet some of my worms! Wave your tails little guys! This bin has a bit more work for the worms.

As tasty as they might be to a fish, I would like to tell you your plants will thrive when you add worm casting to their pots. It adds nutrients to your plants, worms work is never done. They eat up all the things you give them, so please no junk food. The byproduct of them munching is a substance that helps plants fight against many diseases makes the stem growth stronger.

When trying to find the science of how much to use I have read things like one cup of casting to one cup of dirt, some sites say 5% worm casting to the pot, There is some room to grow and experiment. I have added it to the top of pre existing plants, I found that the top dried out faster, So if you add it to the top be mindful to mist the plant. 

This is the wonderful worm casting you are left with. This was April 13, 2021 after taking the worms out.

Something I learned years in, is worms need egg shells now and then. It helps them build healthy strong offspring. You can do this a couple of ways, smash freshly used shells and sprinkle them in, or put 3 halfed eggshells in after making whatever you are enjoying with eggs. I like to do this at the end of fall before I put them away for the winter. It gives them a nice place to hide and for food. I will talk more about winterising your worms in the fall.

I just remembered a tip that is not often mentioned in the videos, One spot feeding. I scoop out a bit of the medium and add a hand full of cut up organic matter. You don’t need to cut it up, I just do. Then I cover it with fresh shredded paper from my paper shredding machine. I used to rip it all up but that was painstakingly long. This method keeps the bin from getting rot, keeps your worms moving to find the food. It is key to keep your paper a bit wet, worms don’t like things too dry or soaking wet. They like oxygen too!

Things that should not be fed to your worms, meat and animal products, including dairy. No animal or human feces. No oils, fats, chemicals or dryer lint. Try to limit your citrus.

Words in worm composting 

  • Bedding– refers to the base material you put in to start your bin. 
  • News paper, coconut core, toilet paper rolls, cardboard.
  • Organic matter
  • Food scraps like apple peel, carrot shaving, broken up old bread, banana peels, avocado peels, coffee/tea grounds.
  • Housing/farm– place you keep you worms in, plastic bin, stacking system.
  • Worm casting-the byproduct of eaten organic matter. (aka worm poo) Don’t worry it does not carry the unhealthy things other living things have in their waste matter.

Now I have shared about worm dirt, let me know your thoughts on worm compost. If you have any questions please ask. I will do my best to answer. Have a great week. Hope you get out to enjoy the outside.

Routines, setting our groove

Are you in a groove? Many of us get up everyday, some grab a beverage, some do something physical like a walk, or yoga. Some relax with a read or put on a show. Most of us have a routine.

Have you ever wondered why we flow in patterns. Something I watched this week got me thinking, it was about bridges and metronome movement. I had no idea at the time it would be part of my blog. Everything has a pattern it needs to get in sync with. I don’t completely understand the science. When a group of us gets in close contact we walk in sync, April 12 1831 Europe’s first suspension bridge was collapsed by troops that were moving in sync. Fireflies blink in sync

What I do understand is if my routine gets changed, I don’t do well. I also don’t transition well. So now that brings me to areas that have daylight savings. In my area we still have it. So on March 14, 2021 we moved our clocks forward. (Sprung forward) I noted my dog’s routine was set on the old time. It has been weeks but he is still on his time. Even our pets get in their groove. If you don’t see it try taking a old, likely senile dog a different way. He lays down on the grass with dead weight till we go the way he is used to. We know who is trained. Bedtime too. He starts going up the stairs. Stops looks back, comes down near us and repeats till we give in.  (Thoughts of the dog “look you young humans, it is bedtime, time to go, you are holding me up again!)

Back to the question of what drives us to create routines? I think some of it stems from imprinting. When we are small our parents help us to create balance, this makes everyone’s day be more predictable and hopefully run smoother. Things that improve with a routine are productivity, lowered stress, energy and confidence.

When you have health complications planning is a key factor in maintaining your balanced wellness plan.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

If you have something like allergies or Crohn’s other bowel problems, and you don’t have a planned routine you can find yourself in horrible situations.

Living with chronic conditions can be very hard to live with 100% planning, learn to be flexible and learn self kindness and understanding. You may have a day planned, that day might start with needing more sleep. If you did not sleep well, making up that lost time can feel so hard. Even if you need more time, try when your day starts to do the rest of the normal stuff, take vitamins and medications, have a light meal and some water. I know how hard it is to have the whole day starting wrong. You can feel you will never catch up. Pick your battles before your bridge falls!

I don’t always like to do things that are the same, sometimes I like to go out to the beach at odd times, it feels good to break step sometimes. Sometimes it is grand to be free, make the bridge sway!

Photo by Jacob O from Pexels

Looking forward to finding out how you carry out your day. Please share tips on how you stay on track.