Strange reasons you’re not on time

If you’re like some of us humans you have been late one time or another. This week I was later than I wanted to be for starting work. 

Let me start with the weekend. My meathead senior dog stooped to an all time crap deal. I was upstairs so he was left downstairs in the same house. Who thinks the pet will do bad things when your so close. He decided to grab my ear tooth (bluetooth headset) in his mouth. When we came down my partner heard the noise and clapped his hands and the dog dropped the bluetooth. He broke the rubber part of that keeps it on your ear. 

My broken left earbud. Thanks dog =(

Because I use it for work daily and I have tried many different styles of bluetooth with no luck I was like I need to fix this. A new one will take weeks to get here! I tried fixing it the night it happened. It worked a few hours then came apart. Because I fixed it with contact cement. One step I forgot was to put some on both sides of the break.

So on Tuesday this week before work. I was like oh this will only take a few minutes. So I grabbed my glue and a bright light. Applied contact cement on both sides. When I went to pick the jar up and put the lid on I noticed some had spilled. No problem, just grab a tissue and wipe off. At this point I was getting in a sticky situation.

See the left over glue on the outside, lucky that was not my skin remains.

So I toss the tissue and think ok now to just put the lid on, my hands were getting tacky and sticking to the jar, more spilled. I was feeling like I needed another adult. So I call one over, explaining the problem. Then he said hand me the glue. I was getting frustrated and said I can’t hand it to you, I’m stuck to the jar! I’m not sure if he wants to laugh or not. All I want is a way out of the sticky mess. I ask my partner to look up how to get this glue off. 

By this time my fingers are sticking together and my hand is still stuck to the jar. No I don’t have a photo of this part due to my hands being stuck to the jar.. Rolling my eyes.

More had dripped.  Thinking this is a never ending problem. I get my hands unstuck, wipe the rim of the jar, the lid is put on for me then I use the recommended means for removing the glue from my skin.

I feel living with me does not have many dull days. Tips to get glue off your skin.

After gluing one hand to the bottle best to invite someone else for try two!

Hope you were not in a sticky mess this week. It might be a relief to read others stories for being late.. Have a great week. Just wanted to give you an update the contact cement did not hold the bluetooth together so the next type in line was Lepage super glue. It seems to be holding.

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