Music For Moods

Wednesday and the rain is coming down. The pandemic is really taking a toll. Might be time to put on some tunes. 

I think this is who the credit goes to Vectomart -Fotolia

Music can affect the way our brains work and perceive the world around us. 

It can have a powerful influence on our brains and hormones.

I’m very eclectic, that just means I value a wide variety of different music styles. As I scrambled to find a blog topic and dealing with life stresses, I found myself drawn to some old school tunes, country, Meatloaf and some Beatles, then searched on youtube rainy day songs..About 3 songs in and singing with my earbuds in I started to feel better.

Singing music you enjoy raises our dopamine in our brain, this is the chemical that tells the brain you are feeling happy, it also helps to reduce physical pain.  University studies showed a 9% increase in dopamine when people listen to music they enjoyed. Music ‘releases mood-enhancing chemical in the brain

I was reading a small study done with males and females where they tested the hormones of both. The music they did not like changed many of their hormone levels in a negative way, where as the music they enjoyed it affected them in a positive way. Influence of music on steroid hormones and the relationship between receptor polymorphisms and musical ability: a pilot study

They encourage pregnant women in labor to put on music to help them through the process, it can help them reduce pain and stress. When unborn babies are exposed to music throughout the pregnancy they too can have long lasting benefits.  

Putting on sad music when you are already down can put your mind in a worse state. Music is used forever to promote different emotions. Like when you want a scary movie and you know when the bad parts are coming the music instill a chill in your spine. 

Many parts of the world use music to heal the heart and soul. Africa has used music for longer than dated in European travelers documentation. I remember in elementary school having an African children’s choir come and perform at our school. The energy of the music filled me with happiness. The one in the link is similar to the choir that sang at our school 

People use music to meditate and find balance.

How do you relate to music, what music makes your heart happy. Is there time you put on certain types of music to help bring out your feelings? 

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