The story Of A Rose.

In September we went for a trip to the beach. It was sunny and there was a breeze, a little cool but nice. I was out for a walk, relaxing, and to take some photos.

This photo was taken by me on Sept 3, 2021

On the beach I saw a scattered floral arrangement. It seemed out of place on the beach, scattered with random passersby. I started to do what I do… and think. Was it an arrangement to remind of someone’s time here on earth?

Did someone get married on the beach and then left without their flowers? 

This bouquet told many stories.

Looking long from many angles I noted a lone rose floating on the Ocean, the beauty and freedom of that rose. Peacefully floating. Did someone have a boat wedding and the flowers fell over? 

Did a human pluck out the rose and toss it as a sign? 

This photo was taken by me on Sept 3, 2021 The rose.

Did a passing crow or seagull like the flower, decided to take it and then dropped it? We will not ever know the truth of the bouquet that sat alone on the beach. 

This photo was taken by me on Sept 3, 2021 Resting Rose.

Have you ever walked by something that seemed out of place? What things have you seen and did you wonder what the story behind it was? 

Hope your week holds beauty.

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