Shawnigan Hills B&B

Have you wanted to run off to the hills and enjoy wildlife and clean air? 

Their nice welcome book.

When I go away I like having a quiet place with less people, I love to cook when I’m away. So having a mini kitchen to enjoy works well for me and others I cook for.

This time I had the pleasure of staying at Shawnigan Hill Guest House B&B with a small fridge, pans to cook on a double induction burner. I loved this cooking platform so much that after my last experience at an airbnb I bought one. There was a toaster, toaster oven and a microwave. We comfortably had 3 adults in the suite, which had two queen beds. 4 people could enjoy the place. 

It was raining so I was only able to get a photo of one of the alpacas.

There were animals that lived there too. 2 alpacas, I think 3 sheep, 3 dogs and 30 chickens. We had fresh eggs as part of our breakfast. The other 2 humans were able to enjoy dairy free blueberry pancakes on Sunday the host offered them so they brought them down at about 7:30

The host was very cool and offered to get gluten free bread for me. We were thankful but declined due to the other things I can’t eat. This was very different than other B&B’s I had been to in the past. They gave you the makings for Breakfast. Including coffee teas and hot chocolate. 

When out in town there were some sushi places, we had Thai take out from Montra Thai Eatery. At this time they don’t and sit in dining or a designated website. It was good they were able to accommodate my food sensitivities. The Lakehouse At Shawnigan was a nice place that overlooked the lake. They make the food fresh in house so if you have foods you don’t eat you can talk to the staff and they can work around diet restrictions. They have a gluten free deep fryer and they were able to accommodate my other foods.

There is the Kinsol Trestle that is about a km and a half walk. It was raining quite hard the day we were there. Raining in BC early November.. on the West coast or as us that live here say the wet coast! 

Caught this on the deck of the ferry, The rain has hope and beauty.

If you are venturing to Vancouver Island, things have been very busy, my recommendation would be to go through the hassle and $17 of expense to make a reservation on the ferry. We had to wait more than 3 hours and 2 sailings before they finally slid us in with the last 2 cars getting on behind us. We celebrated getting on and on the way home. 

This was a break after the rain on the way to the Island. Taken by me on November 6th 2021

Hope if you are reminded of someone that did not come home from war or a battle or if you or someone you loved or knew are/were in the armed forces I hope you are filled with blessings. May you find the peace you deserve. Have a good week. 

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