Wired differently

My week has been busy thinking about what to cover in this week’s blog. Does your brain work differently than others?

I could not find who to credit for this.

Whether you are someone that thinks too much or appears to hold a calm brain we are all built the way we were meant to be.

Neurodiversity, I only became aware of this term during the pandemic. I was in a zoom meeting with other intellectuals. The term was talked about. Many of the people with multiple levels of education could relate to the term. 

Rainbow infinity sign. Colorful symbol of neurodiversity YuliaBuchatskaya

This is when the brain is wired or set up differently. It is like setting up a device like a computer or a cell we all have individual settings and we all have applications we really like and need, the same goes for the person with a neurodiverse brain. We have a way that works best for us.

People that have a variation in the human brain. Whether it is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, epilepsy, anxiety, neurodevelopmental disorders, mental health related or other things that change our brains

We are not lazy, crazy or stupid, we are the people who might see the world differently. The people that might be looked down on or thought to be less. 

Sometimes things that might be more of a challenge. Noises, activities, being too busy, or needing more quiet, needing order, understanding jokes or double  entendres. They might talk too much. They might need more time, space and patiences. They might seem shy or standoffish. They might have strange quirks. 

 Photograph: Granger Historical Picture Archive/Alamy

Neurodiverse people might be that person who forgets to put pants on but can solve problems that others think wow. Take Albert Einstein, the teacher leaving him feeling like he was a failure, saying he would not amount to anything. They later surmised  he may have been autistic or schizophrenic, they did not have the same ways to diagnose people with different conditions in the late 1800 and early 1900.

Many famous people from the present and past are neurodiverse. Here are some of the ones that have ADHD, Autism.

Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pexels success

I will leave you with this, you are not broken or damaged, nor are the people you may know that have any differences. If you feel different or out of place, Find the things that bring out the best in you, make goals, work to learn things you are good at. If someone does not believe in you, don’t give up, you are worth the fight. Keep building a better you, be the best you can. Learn many new things, you might like some of them you might not. It is all about learning and growing. No one has the right to keep you down. If I let all the horrible things that people including teachers said to me keep me down I would not have ever become a blogger. Have a safe week

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