Say Cheese!

The world is filled with amazing foods and cheese happens to be something many parts of the world makes. Cheese have such varieties hard, soft, spreadable, crumbly, and smelly.


Cheese can be made with many ingredients including animal dairy, nuts, rice and lentils, spices, mold cutlers, vinegars and salt. Making your own cheese is not so hard. Vegan cheese recipe Mozzarella Paneer Cheese Swiss cheese

If you have allergies, sensitivities or dietary preferences be mindful to read about the cheese of choice.

When I was enjoying some swiss cheese, it got my brain asking questions. I have also enjoyed cheese parties. In North America we can buy swiss cheese. We will not be able to get some of the unpasteurized cheeses of the world, this includes proper swiss cheese.

Cheese was accidentally discovered about 8000 years ago when milk was stored in containers made from animal stomachs and separated from its curds.

Edam was used as cannonballs (and killed two soldiers) in a battle between Montevideo and Buenos Aires in 1841.

June 4 in National cheese day!

If you want to know what is in your cheese and where to buy cheese.

Surprising Health benefits of cheese

Cheese is used in sports. 9 pounds of double Gloucester cheese is 13 cm (5 inches) thick. Its country of origin is England also where they have one of the cheese rolling events. The events take place in the spring on Copper Hill. This crazy event was thought to have started in the 15th century to maintain grazing rights on the commons.

There is also a theory that it was a part of a representation of the new year in the pagan communities. 

So the cheese for the cheese rolling it tossed down the hill making speeds of 70 km (43 miles) to 100 km ( 62 miles) an hour then the contestants attempt to chase the cheese down the hill to catch it. The objective is to catch the cheese(never been done) or make it to the bottom of the hill first. I’m not sure the risk of ending up in hospital is worth even the best cheese to me. I read even the spectators are at risk of injuries with this wild out of control wheel of cheesy death.

Italy has broken many of the largest cheese world records. The Pecorino cheese was prepared using 4,500 liters of sheep’s milk and it took 9 months of storing. it weighs 598.5 kg (1,319.4 lb) and was achieved by Comune di Loculi (Italy), in Loculi, Italy, on 19 July 2020. The metric dimensions are: Ø1.60m (5ft 3in), H.0.28m (0ft 11in).

Cheese on the brain, studies have shown it triggers the same part of the brain as opioid drugs. Like all good things, cheese should be eaten in moderation. One serving of cheese is about the amount of  2 D 6 dice that equals one oz according to the Canadian health guide suggests 50 grams (1 ½ oz) of cheese equals one dairy serving

Hope you enjoyed my cheesy blog topic! Have a fun and safe week. Tell me about cheeses you have tried.

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