Packing An Adult Size Beanbag Chair

I finally after much reading about packing a large bean bag chair. No amount of reading on the topic could have had me not learning some different ways to wrangle this beanbag into submission.

This is the stuffing

The sites I read said to take the filling out of the inside of the chair and put a vacuum bag in a duffle bag.

With how much stuffing there was, that was not an option.

So I put the vacuum bag in a laundry basket. Unzipped the 2 zippers and got a container (a 2L soda bottle with the top cut of) to scoop it out. I thought after a bit of that, this isn’t going fast enough for my liking. Instead of waiting for help I decided how hard could this be? (please note any of my family might tell you to get out while you can, when I have a plan of “ll do it myself”) 

In my wise thinking I thought I will clothespin the bag to the laundry basket. Seems like a plan..

So I wrestled the huge bean bag in my grip and aimed the opening of the beanbag to the opening of the vacuum bag and started to pour it in. Things seemed smooth until clothespins started to shoot off and some fell in the stuffing while others flung off in the room. Then the bag was overflowing and I could not see well enough until I noticed the filling was on the floor. (Thinking I should have waited for help) Determined “I can do it!”, I grabbed an empty box and placed it at the top of the laundry basket to steady the bag. That worked ok, or so I thought! More spilled down the inside of the box!. All and all not a total disaster. Just as help arrived I was done. So we put the vacuum bag on the floor and got the vacuum started to get the air out. It was working but it was too big and bulky to pack.

I grabbed boxes to see what would fix it. A medium Uhaul box might work.. We opened the bag again and the two of us fitted the corners of the bag with the inside of the box. Slowly pushing all the stuffing around to fit. Sealed the bag and used the vacuum as we molded the vacuum bag and filling..

It fit! Tape it up and then put the chair bag in a small Uhaul box. Now it is ready for moving day. 

I cleaned the mess. Time to think up a new plan of destruction! Please share your moving adventures and the odd things you have packed. 

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