The torture of the Covid test

In the midst of the last part of our trip. The day we were to take the Ferry over to stay at an airbnb.

No matter how careful you are Covid lurks.My partner and I tested positive for Covid. 

We used a rapid test to see if we had Covid. The instructions are in very small print. So we used our cell to take a photo of it to be able to read it clearly. The text has some flaws. 

The full kit. The test is in the green foil pack.

First step, wash your hands. Then open the test you get a small tube holder, some liquid, a vial, a lid and a swab. You need to open the liquid and put it in the vial. Open your swab with only touching the plastic end. Now the torture part, you can do it yourself or have help. Lean your head back and put the stick slowly into your nostril till you reach the notch on the swab. This notch is about the distance between your nostril and ear. Hold it in there for 5 seconds then press your nostril closed with a finger. Turn the swab with the nostril closed 70 degrees. Take your finger from your nostril and slowly pull out the swab and repeat the process in the other nostril. Once you’re done that step you put your snotty swab in the vial with the solution. Stir it around and leave it in the vial for 2 mins. When you’re done squeeze the swab in the plastic vial and get the liquid out as you remove it. Put the used swab back in the plastic you took it out of. Put the cap with the white part on top of the vial with the spout out. Open the test cartridge and drop 3 drops into it, wait 15 long mins and if you have two lines you know you have Covid. I told my partner we have gone to a whole new level of romance, matching Covid tests..

This is the swab in the vial with the
liquid and the unused Covid test the cap for the vial.

Once your 15 mins is up put all the stuff back in the fold and dispose of it in the trash. Wash your hands with good warm water and soap. If you are helping another person wash your hands between steps, you can wear medical gloves too.

This is what a positive Covid test looks like you drop the 3 drops in the cycle

I feel bad it has been 2 weeks since I did a blog post. Things were very busy with my move. Friday we get the keys for our new place. Take care. If you get Covid please rest as much as you need. It is a very harsh virus. The physical pain my body is in is really hard. My left lung was so painful I needed to use my inhaler.

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