The calm of nature

Moving to my new area and comparing notes with friends. I found that many of us find things in nature very calming. 

Raindrops on roses, cool air on your cheeks, the sound of the birds. Have you ever questioned what it is about nature that calms and clears our minds?

It lowers our heart rate and encourages our bodies to make calming hormones. Provided they are not annoying or sounds or sound that scare us. I love to hear the owls and frogs at night. Someone I know loves the sound of rain on the tin roof.

We become less hostile and we start letting go of anger. Breath in though your nose and though your mouth nice a slowly.

If you have the availability to get out in nature it will amplify the benefits nature has on your brain. Breathing in fresh air and taking time away from your electronics will let you shut off. It slows our neurotransmitters down. When that happens it relaxes us.

Binaural beats was first scientifically proven in 1963 by Gerald Oster. This happens at 10 hhz and causes the brain to release beta endorphins, growth factors gut peptates, acetylcholine, vasopressin, serotonin. This helps us heal, relax and sleep well. You can also get tracks with alpha waves, can protect the brain from the effects of aging and increase the brains ability’s in studding. They could help you in learning 5 times the content.

Enjoy the sounds of nature. Learn to bring happy neurons together.

If you want to share what sounds in nature you enjoy, I would enjoy reading it.

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