Meals for a small fridge aka hotel living

Many times in my life we are away from home, jobs, conferences and pleasure. We are forced to use tiny hotel fridges to store our meals.

The cooler I bring full for 4 days away.

Being someone with food challenges, I need to bring food with me. This is quite the task. Lugging a huge cooler with me is something that gets me through. Writing this I can’t imagine going abroad.

Hard boiled eggs keep very well as long as you don’t break the shell. I do mine in the instapot. It holds 9 eggs. Not ostrich eggs (rolling my eyes). I cook them on high pressure for 7 mins then get them right into cold water after they are done.

I brought Teff flour wraps, mixed greens, whole tomatoes, 2 avocados and dressing spreadables in a small glass mason jar. Tip to keeping your avocados very fresh after they are ripe. Put them in an air tight container (uncut, don’t do this after cutting they will hold the bacteria) of water and fully covering them, they will last very nicely a week out of the fridge. As a bonus they will not get bruised in travel.

Hardy muffins will last nicely for three days or so, so I brought banana ones. They are better than banana bread, once the bread is cut it can become dry.

My banana muffins

I can make pizza. I make a ground flax seed crust and let it cool, cold is not as nice as hot but when you have no way to heat it, it is nutritious.

Quesadillas on rice, corn or teff wraps or whatever grains you enjoy. 

A tub of cottage cheese can be part of three meals. I added that with my canned fish.

Cheese and crackers are wonderful. There are some lovely non-dairy cheeses out there. 

You can bring a trail mix or nut free granola. Oatmeal in packets. The hotels have coffee pots, run one batch of water through then toss that water, use the next batch. Less likely to have coffee residual taste.

I get fruit smoothies from Costco. They are about 16 dollars for 12. They fit well in the small fridges and your cooler. 

Fruit cups and fresh fruits and veggies are a good thing for shacks.

I always bring my favorite teas.

From the internet

If you have things you enjoy bringing when you are going away I would like to read what you bring and how you preserve what you bring. Hope your week is bringing you many good moments!

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