Moving in a snow storm

Have you ever had the adventure of moving in a show storm? I don’t recommend this but sometimes we have to do things that are above what we would normally do. This is a longer read, you might need a bigger beverage and drink slower. 

This 26′ truck got stuck getting out of the driveway, it is not on fire that is just the lighting.

So the adventure started with taking a ferry to spend time with family before the intended move. That was nice and relaxing, it started to snow while we were there. We had come this far and spent more money in total than I wish to think about.

So we left the family before 8 am and did some errands before picking up the truck. At about 9:40 AM we picked up the truck and got to the locker. It was -9 degrees celsius or 15.8 fahrenheit, so anyone that does not understand that it was darn cold..

The ice from clearing out the 12″ of snow.

We were loaded by 4PM and then we drove to the ferry for the 7pm reservations. It had been snowing the whole time. We got to the other side at about 8:40 pm. By this time the roads on the other side were white and the snow still was coming down at a steady rate. We had 3 vehicles going over. Our family van, a family member’s Suzuki and the 26 foot moving truck.

The roads were being sanded and salted as we were moving, this helped some but not enough. I was dreading the one hour and 25 min trip(in good weather). Something I forgot to mention was that the Susuki did not have the right type of tires for the mountain pass we were going through and had a damaged windshield, so extra danger. 

Towels down in the crate so we did not slip.

The trip went very slow 40 to 50 km per hour (24.85 mph 31.08mph). Visibility was not horrible until the snow melted on the windshield. There were streaks of ice on the windshield and ice forming on the wipers! I drove as carefully and white knuckled as any human could.

My family member driving the moving truck drove slow and steady. They ended up being pulled over by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspection police (just to confirm the truck had proper tires). My other family member and I were a bit behind. I was watching them from my rearview mirror sliding a bit now and then, I slid a bit too when changing lanes.

So we come up to where we see the truck and see our family member out of the truck with the emergency vehicle. We panicked thinking something was wrong. So we found a safer area we could pull over and hope to not get stuck. Called to see if they were ok.

Once we knew they were safe and on the road again we continued on the track home. The last stretch might have been the worst. I saw the suzuki behind sliding as they went up the hills and around the roundabout. We got home at almost 11pm. We unloaded the Van before it was covered in snow and had a hot tub and then went to sleep.

Next day we woke up to a foot of snow. Oh joy! For the first part of the offload there was no snow falling, but late in the afternoon it started snowing again. So we get it all done, sweep out the truck, wipe off the headlights then go to take the truck back. Well it got stuck. We discovered it was rear wheel drive! It got stuck just out of our driveway, we did not clear enough of the road! We thought we had. So 3 of us had shovels and my neighbor came over with her shovel and helped us. What a blessing for good neighbors! We dug it out and the Suzuki hooked a tow rope on and pulled the back end in one direction. We got the blasted thing out and went to return it. I realized in the craziness I had forgotten my glasses. I did not get far before I realized I could not see well (raving squirrel brain), stopped about 3 houses from home, put my hazard lights on and walked towards home. The family saw me and I asked for them to grab my glasses. On the way to where the truck needed to be returned I saw the truck in an odd spot and was not sure if they were waiting for a break in traffic or if they were stuck again. They told me after they were a bit stuck but made it out. 

Seen this going to get the truck it only got worse.

Truck was dropped off and my human walked across to where I was and this move was done.

I hope you have a safe and happy winter holiday and that you never have to move in the snow.