Laughing and Jokes

Have you had one of those weeks where things felt heavy and grim?

Friends came to my rescue after a particularly hard week.  I’m trying to recall some to share. 

Laughter is very good to help you get out of a sad or rough emotional state. It helps flood us with oxytocin (it is an empathy hormone) and dopamine. So much so that the cortisol in the blood gets overrun causing it to decreases leaving us feeling better. 

Although we all have a different sense of humor most of us release powerful happy healing hormones. Laughing can help open your airways. Expand blood vessels and add oxygen to the blood. The benefits of laughter.

There are times when laughter is not advisable, such as after certain surgeries. If you have had surgery, grab a pillow a hold the pillow over the incision and then try to laugh gently. The hormones are still good for you, laughter helps to change pain, still might hurt but might be just what you needed.

If you’re having a hard emotional time or you just need a quick pick you up, find things that make you laugh is good for the soul. Taking care of yourself can be hard but if we can make life more fulfilling or help a smile turn into a laugh, that is the sparks of joy. I find humor in some really dark places.