Happy 1 year of being a blogger and seemingly good ideas.

Let’s celebrate together! I have published 53 posts and have 54 followers, most of whom I don’t know. I have added one post every Thursday morning. I’m so enjoying my journey of sharing and hopefully helping people learn new things and enjoy some cool topics. I am grateful for all that have read my blog and have followed it.

It will be awesome to see what the next year brings. Thank you to the friends that inspired me and cheered me on. I might give credit to my more than awesome proofreader and partner, I am blessed with encouragement when I have writer’s blah.

Some weeks I did not know what to post, I got my ideas together and then put them typed them out even when I did not feel so good. Please share with me topics that you might enjoy reading in the future. It would be nice to read what topics of mine you have already that inspired you.

Photo taken by me on Sept 3, 2021

Ok now that this thank you is done, on with the seemingly good ideas. As people that know me well I have a whole storyline of such ideas.

From reading my past blog topics you may know I’m a gardener. Now is the last of the season where all the seeds I have collected need to be separated from the stalks and other plant matter.

I have tiny catnip seeds that are hugged into their dried flower stalks very tightly. Up till now I close my hand loosely around the flower head and spin the stick working out the seed with the spinning motion hitting my hand.. It is a slow process. I was like I have a salad spinner that would do that on a larger scale on one stalk at a time.  I stuffed all the stalks in, put the lid on and pulled the tab that spins this thing like mad.

The catnip stems in the salad spinner

Good thinking, till I see small black seeds shooting all over the floor.. Sigh.. The spinner has an opening on the side that is not meant to be there. SO I guess it worked but I will likely have small black seeds (smaller than a ballpoint pen head) all over. I’m sure I will still find them up till the time we do a final clean to move..

This is some of the seeds I had swept up, If you look at the green, you will see the gap

Thankful for brooms and dustpans

The tiny seeds and dried flowers

Have you had any seamily good ideas that kinda worked? Maybe you have some good tips on getting seed out of the pods. Looking forward to your life or gardening tip

Take care till you read again.

Raving Squirrel Brain

Writing this week’s blog has been like trying to tame raving squirrels, they are scattering ideas all over.

I’m not sure if you can picture wild partying squirrels, let me tell you it can be a mess. Tossing winter drink ideas, festive foods for people that have special dietary, cultural, and spiritual needs.

For more than 10 mins I was sidetracked finding the right photo for this writing, did you ever think you could eat squirrel meat? I found a cute, not gory picture of butcher squirrel cuts.

I really must get this blog brain on track!

Maybe blogging is sometimes walking away to make a meal, self-care, getting stuck on photos that make your smile, or finding some other blogger that used a similar photo, stopping to read the blog and laugh at their awesome writing! Great now I can’t find her blog, trust me it was funny!

Someday’s being a blogger looks like setting a goal for when you get home from work, you tell yourself you will not get on the new computer game (Atlas on Steam) till you have your blog ready to be launched for the next morning. Being a blogger is kinda like playing human.. “Real life happens” So be kind to yourself. Beating yourself up does not get the blog done either.

I really am enjoying the new game, I bought it on sale for 3 people and group gaming is helping me feel less isolated. 

For any that read last week’s post, thought I would let you know the dog is feeling somewhat better, he is struggling a bit but the vet said he will be ok.

Do you game? Do you have gaming guidelines? What games do you play? Let me know if you have coping skills around tasks.

Hey! I looked again I found that blogger, she made me laugh. Thank you Heather

Take care till I post again.