Switching From Google Hangouts

In today’s complicated world of online communication you have so many things to choose from. 

In my family we used a Google program called Hangouts, Nice simple communication device to chat that could be used on your cell, computer or tablet.

Hangouts and Google Chat logos

What happens when your old faithful stand by gets changed? Doom! Panic! How do I use this? Do I have to have a browser open for my email all the time? I’m not an expert but I’m often good at finding out new information, one of the benefits of being a blogger. I learned enough to help my very tech savvy partner at least use it. We might move to something different in the near future. Google Chat how to use it.

The ever spinning learning a new platform

My partner loved that Hangout would bring up a pop up window with a notification on his Windows windows 8. I’m still looking for an answer to if it is possible to have that happen now in Google chat. I half jokingly said we should go back to ICQ and another messenger for those of us in the long term team from back in the day of dial up modems with no fancy fiber optic server or high speed internet. I did look up ICQ and it is still available and revamped. If you can recall your old long in I also read you could still use your account for 15-20 years back. That is a long time back I’m not going to recall my log in. ICQ download it uses your phone number now.

ICQ logo

What messaging platform have you enjoyed over the years? Did you ever used ICQ? 

Our summer is almost half way though, hope you are staying cool!