Spring flowers after April Showers

When you walk around do you notice the flowers and things growing? 

Photo taken by me. might be a Aquilegia vulgaris ‘Rose Barlow’ Columbine

Out on my walks I see so much growth. Some of the flowers I saw this week were Columbine. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors. I saw a deep purple one. You can collect the seed when the pod turns brown. Just cut the seed stems off and shake them in a plastic bag or a really big bowl. They take a long time to germinate 60 to 90 days, they need a cold resting time of 4 degrees Celsius or 40 degrees Fahrenheit. So if you are going to grow them in the house you will need to put them in the fridge for 3 to 4 weeks. You can also  sow the seed right on the dirt in the fall and they will grow in the spring. Tips on gathering the Columbine seeds

Photo take by me. Might be a William Guiness Columbine

Little blue Forget Me Not were in bloom around one of the Columbine. I have not grown Forget Me Nots on purpose from seeds. It sometimes finds its way into the garden. 

Photo taken by me. Forget Me Not

April showers bring May flowers, It came from the United Kingdom. It is very wet in April so I guess they thought it fit.

As we grow out of spring and it to summer there will be many more beautiful flowers and growth. Keep growing, I would love to know some of the flowers you have seen in your time outside. have a great week. If you know if I’m correct on the types of Columbine I have shared please let me know.