Smoothies for life on the go!

When you are living the busy life having something quick that is packed with nutrition like a smoothie, you can make a smoothie in under five minutes provided you have the ingredients on hand.. Some blenders even come with to-go cups with leak proof lids.

This is my Ninja, my travel lids are packed.

With all I have packed to get ready to sell, my Ninja will be one of the last things to pack. Likely it will be transported in the vehicle.

Smoothies are something you can modify for all kinds of diets and tastes. 

Vegan proteins that can be added to smoothies

If you are into animal dairy somethings you can use

You can use any fruits you enjoy. If you are diabetic, use blueberries, green apples or cherries. Some people think diabetics can’t have fruit, they just can’t have multiple cups in one sitting. Earlier in the day is better to have your fruits when dealing with diabetes. One cup of Cherries rates 20 on the glycemic index

People enjoying the Keto diet can enjoy smoothies, you must be more mindful of weighing your ingredients and cross reference your own keto lists and books, pending on the guidelines you have. Smoothie ideas for Keto.

You can be creative with your smoothies, veggies can work great in smoothies.

Thank you to Cathy’s Gluten free

I have added carrot, greens like spinach, cooked beets, sorrel and celery. I recommend using a good quality blender for raw veggies. I have also used cooked yams and sweet potatoes.

I don’t add a lot of sweet additives. I have just been introduced to dried dates. They are sweet and low on the glycemic index. I have also used honey. I really mostly let the fruits sweeten my smoothies. 

I’m not fond of heavy seeds in my smoothies so I don’t use a lot of blackberries and raspberries. The crunchy bits make me feel like I need to wipe out my mouth every sip.

When you are on the go, what smoothies or foods do you enjoy? Maybe you can share your recipe.