Spring cleaning tradition

Happy Spring! Have you or your family done a busy spring cleaning, where your whole home gets a detailed scrub down. I recall even our drapes came down to be washed, area rugs were beaten and windows were cleaned until they squeaked. 


Grab your favorite hot beverage, maybe a larger size and get cozy.

Did you ever wonder where this cleaning frenzy came from?

It seems to date back 3000 years ago. The practice was called khaneh tekani. It was carried out by Persians. Spring was the first day of their new year. (خانه‌تکای) khaneh tekani, translates to shaking the house down. The belief of doing this would help prevent illness in the year to come. This was done on or near March 20 as part of the Nowruz festival celebrating the spring equinox. The homes were made of clay and wood, part of the cleaning was to repaint and even clean the grounds around the outside of the home. 


Many parts of the world took part in Spring cleaning, detoxing, removing unwanted energy and things from the home. Buying new clothes and sharing in the energy of new and healing. 

My little tips for spring cleaning

Get a box, large basket or something that will hold your things. I will move everything off a counter to clean. Put it in the box.

Have a cleaning caddy or something that organizes your cleaning tools and supplies 

Set a timer based on your energy, if you can only do 10 mins, set your time 10 mins take a break. 

If you have low energy you might ask for help with tasks or if you have the means, hiring help can take stress down. 

Have a plan for where to start. 

I often make snacks (cut vegetables with hummus) , crackers and cheese, granola bars, cans of fish, and hard boiled eggs. Protein and nutrient dense food will help you to feel better. Stabilizing blood sugar and helping muscles repair. Before a deep clean or make a meal like soup or stew. After I’m done a big clean, the last thing I want to do is cook. 

If you are going to go in a cleaning flurry and you have chronic pain, my guidance is to take control of your pain as best you can before you start. 

Take your pain meds, have ice packs in the freezer and your heat packs handy. If you can plan for recovery days I recommend that.

I have long and light weight extension tools to help do my jobs. Be kind to your body.

May you spring be filled with new growth, I hope you treat yourself to a nice hot beverage after the cobwebs are cleared.