The Gift Of Giving

Many of us have been exposed to kindness and helping others. I recall growing up watching the Variety Children’s Telethons. That was a TV telethon that many homes in North America.

Public Broadcast system did one my partner remembers when they would do Red Dwarf marathons and such for donations. Was a local station out of United States of America.

This is the 2021 logo

Today’s read might need a bigger cup. So grab yourself a cup and enjoy! You might get sidetracked with checking out Desert Bus For Hope.

Being a geek I was introduced to a really fun online charity called Desert Bus For Hope. My home has had part of the team in our home on screens for 13 years so far. They are a great bunch of people that started 15 years ago in the basement of one of the people’s homes

The Loading Ready Run is a team that produces podcasts, videos, and live streams. This  comedy sketch team covers topics to appease the gaming and other geeky intellectuals.

Besides the great team of humans that run the Desert Bus for hope, I love that they go 24 hours a day based on a mathematical equation that I have never really understood. They run for almost a week with 4 teams. We catch 3 of the 4 teams. Darn that needing to sleep thing! The shift we miss goes from Midnight to 6:00 am pst known as Zeta shift.

This is the four shifts logos. From Left to Right Dawn Guard Yellow (6 am to 12:00 pm) Alpha Flight Red (12:00 pm to 6pm) Night Watch Blue(6pm To 12:00 am) Zeta Purple (!2:00 am to 6:00am)

There are so many entertaining parts, my personal favorites this year and years past have been lunchtime stretches and limbering with Jacob Burgess. He does a great job instructing and his buoyant personality shines. In that shift they also are running a Dungeons and Dragons  campaign. The team has great characters. They inspire my curiosity into the game. He is on Alpha Flight From 12:00pm till 6 pm

Kate is the mother that let the team hang out and run the fundraiser in her basement. Kate now hosts coffee pong in the mornings just after 6 am. One of the most heartbreaking days was when Bill Watt her son died January 2016, He was one of the original team and spent a time in children’s hospital when he was younger. It was a heart break to all who were introduced to him I have a huge place in my heart for the hip and versatile mom she is. She spent years before the pandemic being a volunteer live driving the bus and telling stories.

Desert bus helps kids. Through donating a lot of money every year to Child’s Play.

Paul Saunders and his shanties have been a wonderful sound. His voice is calming. He gets up early to be with Dawn Guard that is the 6am to 12:00 pm shift.

Max Loy has treated us to beautiful musical pieces on the violin. He was part of the back working as well. He worked the Night watch team. They run from 6 to midnight pst.

Kathleen de Vere has been part since we started watching, I love that we have watched many of the team evolve. She is now married to Graham Stark and shares stories about the family including the pets. She Volunteered on the Alpha Flight That runs from 12:00 pm to 6pm she also had a fun character in the D&D game.

They have so many talented people.

Andy Cownden and Maddy both sing and entertain. Because of the pandemic they are doing more remote guests and shifts.

Ken Stacy used to come in and he was a ball of weird and wonderful energy. They made some amazing funds when they would do one of his donations. .

They have many behind the scenes volunteers. That you to all of them for keeping all this running and fixing glitches as they happen. Streaming can bring glitches. 

They have t-shirts during the drive and presales before the drive that $15 goes to Childs play on Behalf of Desert bus For Hope. Friends and family of mine own many years of the custom years t-shirt. If you find yourself loving the fundraiser and enjoying the team it might be great to own your own shirt. You can get them at Fangamer They are $28 USD they ship to many places in the world.

These are the shirts to buy from Fangamer.

There are many things that have been staple in the runs, the caramel dance is an example. The whole team gets up and dances and does the actions. Nothing gets me moving like that. 

Friday November 19 will likely be the last day this year to you will be able to take a peek at this fun and rather obscure fundraiser. They are for the children. They have silent auctions, live auctions and giveaways. If you love something you see or want to donate you need to create a donor account. Even 5 dollars is helping.

The whole team is trying to be very inclusive of all walks of life. They also can poke fun at many of the simple things. I really could go on forever about all the amazing ways this team makes me smile. This blog is supposed to be a hot beverage length.

Entertaining for 2 or few

Today we approach December 25 some celebrate Christmas, some are just waiting for the year to end. The year has had many changes. We have missed many milestones, birthdays, weddings, parties, entertainment, and festivities. We have not been able to share many in person-times of need.

Have you been thinking about the things, foods, entertainments you can enjoy in small gatherings of 2 or in your small bubble? How about a board game like checkers, Small World, and Carcasonne. I also enjoy a card game that is called Magic The Gathering. Do you want to know about Magic The Gathering

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What about snacks or hors d’oeuvres for you and your small bubble? As I mentioned in my last post, in years past I had guests at my home for an open house. This year we will have 3, not my whole big family and friends. So we bought some jalapeno poppers, fresh-cut veggies with homemade dip, and brie cheese. I will bake that in my little brie dish that my friend shared with me when they moved. I put them in tinfoil and bake them in the oven. I was thinking of doing a cranberry, rosemary brie.  (I know this recipe says serves 4 to 8, we will have half reheated the next day). We have some chicken wings, cheese and crackers, olives, chocolates, and our homemade spicy pickles.

Baked Brie 180°C/350°F (all oven types) for 15 min then let it stand (sit out of the oven) for 5 so it will not spill over. Brie was first made in the Middle ages.

While putting this post together I found out there is a difference between hors d’oeuvres and appetizer’s. It is when it is served and how. Appetizers are served before a main meal and you often get one per person. Hors d’oeuvres are one bite that you might be served a variety of different mouthfuls!

My family and I have been planning gluten and corn free gingerbread house gingerbread art (we talked about a gingerbread house, I said what about a gingerbread truck) I might do a special post once it is done. Hummus is another thing we really like, I make all my stuff without garlic. I make yummy curry hummus.

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova on

If you are inspired to make some appetizers/ hors d’oeuvres for light company here are many neat things for many health requirement or choices. 50 great ideas for vegan appetizer’s.

I have tried using cucumbers like crackers with humus and pickle on top they are a great option for people that are changing the carbohydrates having to eat Renal diets to help their kidney or that in their diets, you would not use the humus if you where lowing carbs.

We have been taking time to watch Kim’s Convenience Store on Netflix. Last year when plays were still something people went to the theater to see, We saw the play this show is based on. I hope you all have a peaceful week, may your lives and hearts be filled with blessings. Looking forward to reading how you all filled your time, the wonderful foods and things your shared!

My first photo was done by me.