Building up old Garden beds

If you are a die hard gardener and believe in reusing you might be interested in this blog, take time to get your beverage.

Moving to my new space I was excited with a clean garden slate. There was some dread in building new beds. It can be expensive with wood prices up. I started to source things on the free and cheap online groups in my area.

To my surprise there were (3) 12 feet long by 4 feet wide garden beds and a foot deep. Being the crazy avid gardener I am, I was like we are driving 30 minutes to get them! (If you have been reading my blog sometime you will know I drag my family in to a load of adventure)

Our vehicle is not 12 feet in internal length that we would need to get the beds in. So equipped with ratchet straps and a white pillow case. (Just in the off chance my family needs a white flag to try to end the battle) We get to the front of the place and assess how we are cramming those beasts in the vehicle. Then said we would need a truck.. Bah! All the logistics are in place to make this as safe as we can, white pillow case on the wood sticking 3 to 4 feet out from the back of the van.. We only could fit 2. I messaged the person and told them I would be back. The 2 trips were made and the beds sat a day or so along the side of the house till we were ready to lay them down. 

Standing up by the house

I measured the spot that previously had a very large above ground pool. We laid them down on the blue tarp that laid under the pool. It gave us room for 3 foot walkways in between. That is very good spacing for weeding and harvesting.

Before the tarp was pulled up when we were testing placements.

Another family member and I relooked at the bed and decided to put them on cinder blocks that came with the house. We ripped the tarp off the ground and re-laid the beds. They need to be fine tuned this weekend. 

In between all this I had a friend tell me about a horse farmer selling bags of poop for 50 cents a black garbage bag. So we loaded up 4 bags. When my roller compost bins came I opened the bags and dumped the poo in. Soon we will order 6 or 7 yards of dirt to fill them. I have laid down cardboard as a base and the poo will go next then a foot and a half of dirt. You never want fresh manure near your tender roots. It will burn them.

This is the gardens as on Jan 25 2023 on the blocks with the cardboard lined. the wood around is old fence boards that would have been tossed out. We still need to screw them to the bottom.

Hope your gardens grow beautiful, and you can find relaxation. soon we will be out of winter and in to spring. I have my tomato plants started in the house.