Weird Energy Levels

Summer is a time when we think we should have a good amount of energy. The extended hours of light, warmth and fresh air. Then why are people getting more rundown this year? This is the first year in two years events are back on in full capacity. Some people are right on, all the events. Then there are others that are so beat by 6 pm that life seems to be on hold. I’m at the later end of this energy drain. I feel like someone has sucked my energy out with a straw.

Many things can be a factor on what gives people energy or steals the last blinks we have in our eyelids. 

Temperature or change of weather can be a factor, the body needs to use more energy to regulate a healthy range for our safety and comfort. Tips to stay healthy if the weather is hot.

Age can play a part, sometimes metabolism can decrease as we age.

Medical conditions can really pull from our energy reserves.

Hormone levels, it takes the liver and other organs a lot to make the hormones.

Here are some hormones that can leave you feeling more run down.

  • Melatonin.
  • Serotonin.
  • Oestrogen.
  • Progesterone.
  • Testosterone.

 Cortisol is a stress hormone that is created in the adrenal glands, when you are under stress your body makes more of this hormone. It controls your flight or fight response, your blood pressure and glucose. When it is high your rate of inflammation goes way up. So this can wear your body and brain out. The two years on high stress alert with covid likely left many of us a  bit more stressed than before. Until things get really hectic with your adrenal glands western medicine does not often feel it is a problem. Natural practitioners often will have you do a saliva test a couple times a week to test. Adrenal fatigue is when your body puts out too much cortisol so the adrenal glands can’t do their job. The adrenal glands are small grape sized glands over the kidneys that put out over 50 other hormones that make the body run.

How much we eat and what we eat can affect us too. If we don’t eat enough nutrient dense food our bodies can’t produce the hormones needed to stay alert and healthy.

When I’m having to run a 10 hour day of work I will have more proteins and fresh fruits and veggies. I also bring happy planet smoothies because sometimes my sugars get a bit low. Having a quick smoothie can bring your sugars up to a healthy level in a short time. If you can eat nuts the oils and good fats can help you feel better within about 10 mins. Healthy snacks for long days

I got this from the The Sacred Plant Facebook

If your running high or low energy, please take care of you. Eat small healthy snacks about every 4 hours. Have 4 to 8 oz of water every hour (Water calculator based on your weight and activity levels) and if you need more rest than normal try to not over book your time. Rest if you need to and keep a cool cloth in the fridge or your cooler to help put less strain on you. If your are going filled with energy, follow the guidelines and book down time to sleep. 6 to 8 hour of cool sleep down time. (sleep calculator) this means try to keep your sleep space cooler! Bodies need that to heal and recharge.