Details for the difference

If you are a project person like me you will know that small fine tuned details can be just the finishing touch you need.

Whether you are painting, detailing a vehicle or putting trim around a door put the effort into the whole project. 

In repairing and doing touch ups in and around our home I noted many things that take a short time to finish up. Like the windowsills, paint them and paint the ends.

Photo by me. This was what professional contractors left unfinished from our building’s retrofit.

Painting the baseboards with fresh paint and taking a Dremel to some of the lack of fine tuning left behind from people before us. It also helped me notice that the Baseboards were overlapped with the door frame so the door frame did sit flush on the wall. The Dremel came in handy again to the baseboard to size now the door trim is flat on the wall.

Photo by me, this is where they overlapped the baseboard and the door frame.

When I was doing touch ups to the wood laminate floor due to not replacing them, it made a huge difference. I washed them well, dried them and used a colour match pen to fill the scratches.

Photo by me, before the touch ups, I will likely do a full tips blog on touching up floors.

When doing wall touch ups or a full repaint I take off electrical covers and put tape over the outlets. I also tape baseboards and put a piece of tape over switches or holes for things like drapes going back up. I take out old unneeded anchors. When I do the paint in a small touch up area I get my small brush or a makeup sponge with to colour doing a few light coats over the patching after priming the area with primer to let everything blend well.

Photo taken by me, those are metal anchors I filled in where the holes where I still need to sand clean and prime the area before putting the colour on.

I washed the van this week. There was pollen and build up in all the groves. So I grabbed my little bucket with soapy water along with a brush and the toothbrush. Took a bit of time but the fine tuning made the van look and feel fresh. I use a brush on the vents inside. They are really hard to clean with a cloth.

What projects have you done and did the final details? Do you notice when details are not done?

Or is it just me that crawls in odd spaces to clean or detail that sees unfinished work.