Recycling can be dangerous!

So today I went to recycle salmon cans that were left in my sink by my family. “Thanks family for making dinner.”  Well the top was stuck on the one can and in all my wisdom, decided to pry the top open with my bare hands. Well this is your first exposure to me, sit back and get use to my seemingly great plans. part way in my endeavor something unplanned happened. Yep, I put a good gash in my index finger on my right hand, having enough injury’s in my world, I called a family member to grab me a bandage pressed my finger to stop it from being a bloody mess. Since it was a fish can I knew I would need to wash out the cut, so a bandage readied and I washed and put more pressure on it.

So here is my saftey tip, toss the darn can in the trash.. Scratch that, grab an implement and jab it in the opening prying  that vicious can open and try not to cut up the whole hand. Wash it out and toss it where ever you put the dangerous  recycling!

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