Voting time again.

I find things about voting to be a bit of a challenge, this pandemic is adding questions to my list. If you go in to vote will they have the cardboard cubical so all people are using the same enclosed space. will they be sanitizing in between voters. I read on the voters care to please bring your own writing implement.

We had a option to mail in our votes, I did not get that done by the recommended date of October 16 to have time to get where it is needed. So would you take a chance it is October 19 2020. Many of our friends have mailed in or gone in a voted. I was thinking that we could take the sealed envelope to a polling station and leave it there. The question in my mind is do they just dump it is a mail box? Cross our fingers and hope.

I was thinking about what if you plan to go to the polling station, what happens if you start feeling unwell. Do you take the route of just put on a mask and hope you have nothing like covid-19 or do you forgo your vote for this time?

I look forward to seeing any thoughts you have on mail in voting and the safety of voting in a pandemic.

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