What was that taste

Have you ever put something in your mouth and been surprised, thinking that did not taste like you expected.. 

This week I was working with chocolate and trying to do something with my kitchen soap dispenser. There was a bit of chocolate left on my finger and in my tasty perception I went to lick it off. The very first lick bubbles were filling my tongue, I made noises and gestures like a dog that had just licked a porcupine. Tying frantically to get the gross taste of the soap off my tongue and out of my mouth.

You might be starting to guess living with me is a comedy of errors.

Might I add I was on the phone with my dear friend and my other human that lives here was home. When they overheard the notices coming from me and realized what is going on they are both laughing almost to the point of falling over. 

Now that you read this you might be chuckling either because it is funny or somehow you relate. So have you ever thought about where taste comes from? We have 6 separate taste zones on the tongue. Bubbles however are not part of the areas.  They just coat your whole mouth, is this what a wash sponge feels like?

We have about 10,000 taste buds made of 50 and 150 columnar taste receptors (little clusters.) The zones of taste are sweet at the front, sour front sides, salty front and bitter at the very back near the throat opening.  There is a last taste, that is Umami, it is where we taste savory.

May you have eaten those odd flavored Harry Potter jelly beans, you hope for a yummy one but you get one like rotten eggs. So before you put something in your mouth wash your hands, read labels and rinse all the soup off. Hope you enjoy many great flavors. 

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