Value Of Hugs

We as humans need contact, hugs, communication, love, understanding and respect. Our minds and bodies thrive when we have connection. Sadly during this pandemic many are lacking in connection.

Some of us hug, others have always maintained distance. Myself I’m 50-50, sometimes I’m into hugs and other times I pass. With this pandemic I have seen only a handful of people, likely more than I should have. Some of my dear friends that I was seeing about once a month I would give them a big embracing hug. Now I have not seen many of my friends since March.

I’ve been trying to count my blessings and be thankful for all I have, during this time. Saturday November 7 there was a press conference for British Columbia. The lockdown changed in a way that felt crushing. What I heard watching it is that people may not be able to see people outside their immediate household.

I already have limited contact with the parents, seniors most of my friends but now my kids. My family is all grown up, one of my children live close and they are part of my small bubble. Tears poured from my eyes. 

Hugs have health benefits benefits

If you are not able to hug another at this time I have been reading that self hugs have benefits also.

So please take care of you and your emotional health.

If you need any help feeling ok, there are connections to help you through this, type in, “Mental health toll free number”, add your area that you live in. Not all areas have support. Calling someone you trust might be a positive alternative. Here is a list that might help if you need help accessing resources from different parts of the world.

Take care, see you in my next writing.

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