Growing With Music

My world has a lot of music in it, do you ever think about how music has influenced health, healing and growth. Before you were born, you were exposed to sound, maybe even music. Many lives have been exposed to some form of music. Our heartbeats hold a rhythm, which craves patterns of other rhythms. I read when babies first cry, it matches the rhythm of their mothers voice.

I have read lots about the benefits of music on humans, animals and even the growth of plants.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Music is very powerful, it holds many memories in our lives. My Nana (grandma’s mom) Loved music, when I went to visit her we would put on a record. She loved Hooked On Classic and Swing. I don’t recall if she herself sang, but she loved to dance. Her and I would dance in the living room. I would sing, I sang in a school choir, we had the opportunity to go to Portland Oregon to sing in a large competition. Our choir came in second. I love spending time with my dear friend, he too loves music. Sometimes we get together and put on music we love and sing.  Many times have shared music in my life, my family might remember all the songs sung or the musical instruments people played.

Learning a new language can be made easier through music, rhythm helps our brains learn.

For people with different brain damage or degenerative conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s music can be an awakening for those that have lost their inner love and glow through Music therapy. The reason music triggers a response in people with brain deterioration is the part of the brain, the auditory cortex, handles the sound from your ear to the brain. It is also is the last to be effected. Seen in this lovely documentary ALIVE INSIDE

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

It is about how music can bring the spirit and a step back into those who seemed to have lost their soul to keep going. I hope my family still sings to me if my mind ages. I hope they sing for themselves and each other.

Dagmar Turner a woman who played violin while surgeons did brain surgery to remove a tumor. This is so they know they haven’t affected the part of the brain that controls these skills.

Music can also have an effect on how a plant will grow, depending on the type of music you play for it. Mythbusters did a show on how plants did with different music, voices and silence.  The plants in the heavy metal greenhouse had the most growth

If you want to feel emotions or share emotions with others try music that speaks to their hearts. Looking forward to reading about how music has impacted your world. I really wanted to share so much more with everyone on this topic. There is so many things music represents.

First photo Photo by Breakingpic from Pexels

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