Growing time

You are likely thinking it is January, what are you thinking about growing in the depth of winter.

Plants take planning, you can just plant a seed and watch it grow (I will add a few tips for people that want to try one potted plant) and something for the “Die Hard”. Gardeners Garden/ planting information for all.

This time of year is when we plot our gardens. Trying to find anywhere that one can buy dirt at this time of year is like searching for gold in an empty bucket. I think you might need a bigger reading beverage for today. I did not intend this to be so long, I guess you found one of the topics that makes my heart blossom!. Enjoy the read.

I draw out an idea of what I want to plant and where best to have it. I have started lemon cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, eggplants, green onions (They are cuttings from store-bought onions) and hot peppers in my plant room. All but the green onions will be staying in my warm well-lit plant room. The dragon fruit plants are shy, they are hiding to the left.

Photo by me; the plants in my grow room are posing for you.

To anyone that would like to plant something: plant for the first time. Ask yourself would you like an edible plant or a decorative plant. If you would like an edible plant You could choose a herb like basil, mint (This could take over, please plant it in its own pot) or a bean plant. They are very easy to grow. You don’t need to go to a fancy plant store. I have bought some small bags of dirt, a pot, seeds and a watering can all from the dollar store. Less than $10 can have you growing something! I would recommend reading about any plant you want to grow. Make sure your home can handle the plant you choose. If you are growing plants around pets/kids please make sure that the plant you choose is not toxic to pets or other members of your family. Amy Pennington Has written some lovely things on year-long gardening, cooking with what you grow and living a well-rounded life.

Photo by me of my spinach and lettuce seedlings

For the new gardeners, I would like to tell you my mom bought a single beefsteak tomato a few years ago. She bought dirt and thought what the heck I will grow it on my apartment balcony. Mom’s place faces west, she grew tomatoes there all summer. She said they tasted so good and brought her joy all summer!

Health benefits of growing plants: They provide oxygen to you as they take carbon dioxide out of the air, that is the stuff we breathe out. They can lower stress, if you are working with them they can promote movement. In my family, they have been a great tool for depression and anxiety. It gives you something to look forward to, something to care for. I have so many plants with different shapes and colours, I find it stimulating to the eye.

In the later summer last year, I topped my community garden plot with a heavy layer of hay, the dirt we had in the had lost a lot of good nutrients and it was not staying wet enough. My little sugar baby watermelons loved the hay, it grew 3 little watermelons! We had one for October Thanksgiving, since it was a very small meal due to Covid restrictions. 

Photo by me; our community garden plot.

One of my family members moved home and brought plants with them. So I have lots of beautiful growing things in my home. Outside in our round totes, our rhubarb is poking through the dirt. The strawberry tower, blueberry bush, grapes and the currants are still in their winter slumber dormancy stage.

Once you get into the garden season more, there is the native story I love of the Three Sisters, it is the way to get the most out of each other the plant’s strengths. So you plant beans corn and squash together. This can be done in a small square foot garden. You would plant the corn and the stock of the growing corn will be the support for the beans to grow up, the beans will give the soil the nitrogen to help feed the other plants and the squash will give ground cover to the others and help to keep the moisture in. This is one wonderful example of companion planting. How to plant the three sisters.

Could not find the artist (said clip art) here is the link

Looking forward to reading what you are growing, how you new gardeners are enjoying your plants. If you are not into plants or gardens share what plants you walked or seen that you really enjoyed. Take care till next time.

2 thoughts on “Growing time”

    1. Thank you so much, we just got the email from our gardens telling us it is time to pay our dues. Looking forward to more growing. The watermelons were so cool Vertical is the key to small gardens.


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