Bee butts or fly’s eyes

Have you ever thought about the small details you can capture with a camera? Have you ever wanted to try to take a photo? This week hopefully will give you a place to start.

You don’t need to be a pro to take a photo. Just interest will help you learn. When I look around at the world, I think about what catches my eye. Bugs, flowers, scenery, living things and more. 

If you are new to taking a photo I will share a bit. Don’t compare your talents. You are your own eyes they have a sense of what you like. Maybe one day you will strive to be a professional photographer. In the meantime, have fun and enjoy. 

I have a Samsung phone that is often with me so I use the camera on it, because I love to take photos of flowers. Sometimes I catch a bee’s butt or other cool bug. To get the photo I want, it takes a lot of patience and staying in one place in odd positions for a long time.

Taken by myself with my mobile phone

Steps in using your phone to get a close-up photo of something small. You will have a camera icon, you might need to look through your apps to find it. Once you do click on it and the view will show up. You will need to look for photo mode. Most are on this setting by default. Mine has a macro setting. Some others have a zoom-in function that you use your fingers on the screen to bring things closer and into focus.

Taken by myself, little Jasmin flowers on my couch

If you want to try macro photos with your mobile phone search the Make and model of the phone you have with how to take a macro (close up)  picture. If after you take a few photos you want better equipment you can buy lenses for mobile phone or upgrade to a camera. If you are ready for those steps maybe talk to your local camera store or perhaps join a community camera club.

Taken by myself in a local park I’m fairly certain this is a bay laurel

I have many friends that are professional photographers. I’ll do another blog in the future hoping to share more of their talents. Here is some of Kevin’s macro-photos

I look forward to reading about what you like to take photos of. If you venture out to try the camera on your phone please tell me how it went and what you go a photo of.

First photo by Thijs van der Weide from Pexels

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