Laid back or solo Valentine’s

Does Valentine’s day make you feel a bit out of sorts…I have some ideas. 

I got a bit bent out of shape with all the ads on the radio that suggest that proposing to the special people in your life was the thing. Media gives us all kinds of false ideas, money dose not define love, giving a ring is a thing. I was like why? Just so you know I’m not poo-pooing romance. I think sometimes we need to mention that not all people get married and some don’t have elaborate proposals with fancy rings. Some people even have more than one love in their life.

If you are a complete hater of Valentine’s Celebrations might be a great time to enjoy a different blog topic.

If you are not involved with someone, some solo things you could enjoy. Read your favorite book with a beverage of choice. Have a candlelight bath. Cuddle with a pet or borrow a pet to share love with. You could do some foot care. The dollar stores have basins for less than $3 and then often have epsom salts. So for less than $10 you do some self-care.

Plan an adventure, pick out a new recipe and have a nice meal. You can even bring out your nice dishes and set it up formally. Enjoy some online gaming with yourself or meet others on an MMO or other game. You could buy a treat for yourself or your pet.

 I share little gifts, sometimes homemade cards with family and people I care about.

Have you thought about where Valentine’s traditions started? Did you know many parts of the world have interesting happenings and ideas around Valentine’s Day around the world. Some parts of the world It is for lovers, in other places it is a time for all. In China, they have The Sister’s of Meal Festival

Great Britain started the traditional cards.

The history of St. Valentine is not one that is sweet and kind, in fact, there were several mentioned St. Valentines, martyred on Feb 14 one of them was beheaded.

Cuddle up in a blanket this year. It is quite cold in my area, pick a show or movie to enjoy.  At my house, we just rented The Greatest Showman from Google play

I made some muffins this week that I thought might be a nice thing to have on Valentine’s day. For people that know me I change recipes all the time. I was thinking I don’t just want banana  muffins, maybe gluten free banana blueberry, looked in the freezer  I just had a few sliced strawberries so tossed them in. I skim through recipes and take them in like Dory from Finding Nemo.. Something about tentacles. Put the baking soda in with the squished bananas and strawberries. Then added the wet stuff to which I used olive oil and maple syrup. I substituted the lemon peels for grated orange peel. I also leave out the salt cinnamon and vanilla. No refined sugar and healthier fats. To get to the recipe you have to scroll a a lot. Such a pet peeve.

Photo of my muffins taken by me

Whatever you do for Valentine’s day I hope you can relax and take time for yourself or people you care about.

Heart bear photo taken by me

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