Being grateful for first world problems.

It is spring, do you do a walkthrough in your home to make a list of things that need need to be done? Are you like me and see the dust in the air or smudges on the windows and want to scream, “I really do clean my home often, not just once a year!”

Photo by ritesh arya from Pexels

This year I noted the tap in the bathroom has a drip. This made me think how lucky we are to have clean running city water to use as we need. I don’t take clean running water for granted. I lived in an area where we took 2 water jugs strapped to a dirt bike heading quite far collect water. If you wanted a shower in the middle of summer you could go to the campgrounds and use their shower or go to the river. If you’re inspired you can fix your faucet. Mine is being a challenge as the under the sink shut off valves are stuck. I’m a bit of a handy human, but there are limits.  If you think you can do your own tap please remember to turn off the valves before starting or call a plumber.  It is hard to think that having taps with clean running water is blessing so many live with out.

Decluttering, maybe you have never thought about this a privilege. We have stuff, more than we need. We value our stuff. It is a challenge decluttering. When I want to get things done I set a 15 min timer. Because I have a hard time stopping when I set timer, I do a self check and mental body scan. If I’m still okay, I reset my timer. It is amazing what in 15 mins you can get through. I highly recommend this method if you have health problems, 15 mins can feel short but if you’re dealing with chronic pain or health stuff it can feel like a lifetime. I will do a blog in the future of how to break down decluttering. There are many emotions that can be brought up.

We are so blessed to have homes with stuff. I worry a lot about getting rid of things. Things that fill my mind, what if I end up needing said thing… What if someone in my family needs something? How will I give it if I let go.

Painting the walls, I have paint but have not finished painting. The things we are privileged to have… Paint brushes, rollers, paint trays and paint. There are places in the world that use old beverage containers as walls.

Take out old electronics..

Yes many of us have that old something that plugs in. We have electronics recycling places to take many of our old un-wanted things. Some places in the world old things just get tossed on the road.

Photo by vivek from Pexels

The dust that builds up in my home in a week makes me frustrated. A dear friend of mine grew up in India, she said that they had to broom every day, they have dry air that blows the dirt right in. So I guess my week of dust is a blessing.

Take time to care for yourself and the planet. Remember to be thankful for dust and dirty dishes. They are a blessing you may not recognize. I look forward to seeing your note, please share what blessings you have or challenges you have over come.

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