Routines, setting our groove

Are you in a groove? Many of us get up everyday, some grab a beverage, some do something physical like a walk, or yoga. Some relax with a read or put on a show. Most of us have a routine.

Have you ever wondered why we flow in patterns. Something I watched this week got me thinking, it was about bridges and metronome movement. I had no idea at the time it would be part of my blog. Everything has a pattern it needs to get in sync with. I don’t completely understand the science. When a group of us gets in close contact we walk in sync, April 12 1831 Europe’s first suspension bridge was collapsed by troops that were moving in sync. Fireflies blink in sync

What I do understand is if my routine gets changed, I don’t do well. I also don’t transition well. So now that brings me to areas that have daylight savings. In my area we still have it. So on March 14, 2021 we moved our clocks forward. (Sprung forward) I noted my dog’s routine was set on the old time. It has been weeks but he is still on his time. Even our pets get in their groove. If you don’t see it try taking a old, likely senile dog a different way. He lays down on the grass with dead weight till we go the way he is used to. We know who is trained. Bedtime too. He starts going up the stairs. Stops looks back, comes down near us and repeats till we give in.  (Thoughts of the dog “look you young humans, it is bedtime, time to go, you are holding me up again!)

Back to the question of what drives us to create routines? I think some of it stems from imprinting. When we are small our parents help us to create balance, this makes everyone’s day be more predictable and hopefully run smoother. Things that improve with a routine are productivity, lowered stress, energy and confidence.

When you have health complications planning is a key factor in maintaining your balanced wellness plan.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

If you have something like allergies or Crohn’s other bowel problems, and you don’t have a planned routine you can find yourself in horrible situations.

Living with chronic conditions can be very hard to live with 100% planning, learn to be flexible and learn self kindness and understanding. You may have a day planned, that day might start with needing more sleep. If you did not sleep well, making up that lost time can feel so hard. Even if you need more time, try when your day starts to do the rest of the normal stuff, take vitamins and medications, have a light meal and some water. I know how hard it is to have the whole day starting wrong. You can feel you will never catch up. Pick your battles before your bridge falls!

I don’t always like to do things that are the same, sometimes I like to go out to the beach at odd times, it feels good to break step sometimes. Sometimes it is grand to be free, make the bridge sway!

Photo by Jacob O from Pexels

Looking forward to finding out how you carry out your day. Please share tips on how you stay on track.

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