What’s On the Menu

So the very fact that we need to eat everyday frustrates me, not that I think we should starve… although it would cost less to feed us. It is really hard to think of something to feed oneself or family 3 times a day, we are so blessed to have this problem. 

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

How do you get your ideas to make meals?

We tried a weekly meal plan at the bottom of the grocery list. So we are like “tacos, we need to buy tomatoes, lettuce, tofu, veggie ground, or meat, cheese and the ingredients to make homemade salsa or just grab a jar of salsa”.

We also have been trying to add new meals once a month to expand our menu.

Using old standbys can be a weekday saver, for our home that looks like chickpea stew. (I will type the recipe for my chickpea stew out some day and add it to the post) This is something we have the ingredients for stocked in the pantry and fridge. 

You can also respond to an email from a friend that messaged you instead of their spouse “What do you think we should have for dinner?” You might respond by giving them a new recipe to try that becomes a new house favorite. They are a family that eats chicken so I suggested orange ginger chicken served over rice. You can make this vegetarian with carrots.

Sometimes searching the internet for the ingredients you have can be a neat experience. Please avoid this if your family is already hungry and it is past meal time. It is like a lynch mob… You want to make things lighter, not incite them to grab torches and pitchforks.. Family dinner ideas.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

Find cool bloggers or Youtubers that have things that inspire you and make your mouth water. Many have email contents regularly to share their new recipes. Vegan Youtube Gluten free blogs

Take an online cooking class. This can be a great way to learn something new and share ideas with others. 

What about a meal swap, where you team up with a friend and they make dinner for your family and you make food for them. Then you do a no or low contact drop off. Let them know about food allergies and dislikes beforehand.


Every 2 weeks or so we treat ourselves to ordered food. This is a nice thing to plan for. You can do it around how it fits your lifestyle and budget.

I would love to see how you make your meals and share a recipe that makes your mouth sing.

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