Ins and outs of mask and pandemic safety.

I work in the public, I see and hear a lot. People upset about many aspects of masks, having to wear them, people that are not wearing them. People are getting upset about other people’s hygiene practices, not using hand sanitizer or throwing masks on the ground. We will find a way through the murky waters of this pandemic. If you’re like me you will be at the point of thinking it has no end.

 Photo by Nandhu Kumar from Pexels

If someone is out without a mask remember some people have medical exemption. Yes fear is a very real reason as well as hidden things you may not know. Every area has their on rules on who is except and how you get your exception. So please keep your distance and use compassion. Most people are not trying to be a problem. Being kind to others is a good way to live life. 

Photo by Jennifer Murray from Pexels

I need to wear a mask for my work. Steps to putting on your mask, use fresh washed or sanitized hands when you can, use the straps to touch it to put it on. Please if your hands are not clean don’t touch the mask part, not even to adjust the nosepiece. With hand sanitizer you need to wet your hands and rub then for 20 to 30 seconds let them dry. You could also wash with soap and water for 40 to 60 seconds. Hand sanitizer can be very toxic to babies and toddlers and pets. They have non toxic hand sanitizers Take time to wash your hands when you come into your home or business.

Photo by Burst from Pexels

If you are at any place like a hospital or doctor’s office and they ask you to put on a new mask, ask if you can wash your hands before touching your mask. One thing that upsets me is when you’re asked to change your masks in a busy place. They are trying to keep people from spreading germs but then they say remove your mask that is keeping most of your droplets in.

Masks with vents don’t keep as much of the person’s breath in. This is why airplanes and many medical places need you to change to masks they provide. They have better nose pieces and provide a snugger fit.

If you use a cloth mask, it is a good idea to wash them after sneezing or coughing. I wear mine for about 3 to 4 hours then put it in the wash. Keeping a spare clean mask in a clean cloth or plastic bag is a good plan. If you wear disposable masks, fold them on the part on the inside then toss them in a bin not on the ground. Wash your hands if you need to touch your mask even if you touch it by accident. One thing I see is people spiting in public. This has always seemed like an unhealthy thing to do.

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata from Pexels

If you are looking for new masks or if you’re interested to see different types of masks out there. There are many recommendations out there. I found out very recently, the type of mask I wear is not a recommended option. We are all learning and relearning.

If you are out, try to maintain distance between yourself and others outside your bubble.

We don’t always use our mask when we go on walks around the block. When I go to the community garden I often grab my mask. Some places it is mandated to not leave your home without a mask. I was reading that in India that people are expected to wear a mask even when driving alone

Do your best to keep healthy! When your in a safe space away from the strains of the outside pandemic, take time to breath deep. If you have any other tips or ways of coping I look forward to reading your comments, it is great to learn from each other..

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