Walks out with nature

This week I’m having a hard time getting the get up for a topic or writing.

So how about we talk about parks and nature walks. We are blessed with many parks and water bodies walking and driving distance from our home. 

I love the call of the ocean. Last week I took my first walk in a year or more on the beach. The smell of the ocean can help to clear your head and your sinuses. There were many people out so in the busy areas we had our masks on. There were some wild roses just off of the trail, the smell of them was so lovely.

We talked about what it would be like to own beachfront property. As much as I love the beach We thought it would not be nice having to always have people around, not often would you have privacy. You would need to put up with people parking near or in your parking spot. 

There was one home that had a little metal pink painted bench in front of where they would park. I thought it was quite creative. Thinking and smiling to myself “A place to park little butts!”

I sadly did not get a photo of the cute bench. 

I so needed that beach walk with having to be away from many of the places I love this pandemic. I went to a few trails and parks throughout the time. The park near my house has trails and bridges. It can be a short walk to an hour. If you go one way there is a duck pond, I love to see the ducks. The other way goes to an overpass. There is a beautiful creek that runs through much of the place. It is not the kind of area you want to be during the wet seasons. It is a floodplain.

About 30 minutes away you can see so much large wildlife.  We have many black bears, coyotes, deer and wild cats. I have not seen the big cat for many years, close up, I do read about them in the papers.

If you are planning to enjoy time outdoors. A few things you might want to bring. Water, a rain jacket, sunscreen, and a sweater. Being in a temperate rainforest in the late spring early summer brings a variety of temperatures.

I often put a change of clothing in a sealed bag or in the vehicle. I also pack healthy snacks, dried fruit, seed mix, and protein bars. Sometimes crackers and cheese. If you are in an area with wildlife, be aware, animals may have young. Not much worse than upsetting a large animal with young. 

I hope you have a good week, if you have a chance to get out in nature I would like to hear about the spots you enjoy and what you like about them. 

All the photo take by me.

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