Crap Deal

My home has had more than our fair share of toilet problems. Yesterday before I went to work yet again another problem. We are ‘blessed’ with two toilets. This wonderful blessing means twice the chance for crap to go wrong. A few years ago we had a major flood from a toilet we had just installed. Thankfully it was clean water from an overflow of the tank I’m so glad we had insurance, that took 3 months to get the project finished.

 Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

Someone in my home was taking an extended time in the bathroom upstairs. I called up to inquire if they were ok. Thinking in two tones, “Are you ok?” “Did something reach through the plumbing and grab you?” 

Gratefully they quickly responded, then came to the top of the stairs. They had a worried sour look I knew all too well.. That look that said something was going wrong with the toilet. I get the run down and decided “forget this, I’m going to work.”

I put a bag of baking soda and vinegar on the stairs with instructions to add some of both to the bowl of the very full toilet and leave it.

Hours later after returning home from work, I went upstairs and the ceramic lid was sitting in the hallway, I started to ask about it, then remembered the toilet not draining.. Easy to forget unpleasant things when we are not right there.

My brain again goes into the oh crap place. So I grab the plunger and push the flush button. Water rapidly starts filling the bowl. My internal panic went up. I stayed outwardly calm. Started plunging, realizing the plunger was not working well. Called down to my family with the dread of poo water spilling out. I inform them we might need a drain snake/drain auger Grumbling to myself and asking why with all the plumbing problems my world had seen why I did not already own one. Tips on using a toilet plunger.

Photo by Matilda Wormwood from Pexels

The other plunger was brought up and with an audience and a few more mins I flushed again and started plunging. The family being worried that things would go wrong and started side seat instructing me.. Like a back seat driver but worse, you can still end up in crap if things go sideways. Now I have dealt with more toilet problems  in my life including pulling out a toilet and replacing it, I could be on the way to a trade in being a plumber. So I certainly did not need someone giving me nervous instructions.

Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels

So in the end all went down without any more problems. We again have two working toilets. 

When you are having a crappy day remember you are likely not having a poo water flood. If you have had anything break down in your house or any other challenges that have left you in a mess, I would love you to share. Have a good week!

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