Tree rats aka squirrels

Have you tried to grow a garden with squirrels in town? Let me paint you a picture of me in the heat of those little rodents..

Photo by Christine Haines

I go out many mornings early to water and check my front garden. It is my way of maintaining peace and tranquility in my world. And take a deep breath and release the bad energy.

Normally going out chatting with the crows or other birds/animals, sitting quietly with nature.

For those that don’t know about squirrels they are usually gray or black, an adult can weigh 400 – 600 g, or 14.1 to 21.1 ounces, and are 23 – 30 cm, 9.0 to 11.8 inches, head and body. Being rodents their teeth constantly grow. When they are not destroying my garden I think they are beautiful.

I get out there, start to look at my plants and what do I see, my little avocado plant I have grown for over 2 years nonked to a stump this sad little stick with the other part of the plant laying limp and wilted nearby! Devastation and anger fill me, knowing who the culprit is. I see if there’s any way I can fix my plant, knowing in my heart it is a goner. 

This is not my only time going to my garden to see destruction. I have seen them eat the head off my roses. I have seen them pick off my baby squash and eat them, dig out my seedlings and dig out new plants. The kicker was when I went out and caught one in the act! I look on the ground and there is my first hot pepper of the year with bites out of it and just laying there, with the little fuzz tail running off.  Spitefuly I thought serves you right!

This is where my lovely pink roses were.

Sometimes I go out and see them digging and I wave my arms like a crazy person, telling them in a loud voice get out, go I will kick your little squirrel butt! I swear they go and laugh, we get up earlier than you.

I’m sure they think they are good gardeners. But I feel that they should take up other work.

 One thing I do is put small clay pots upside down around my seedlings. They are a bit too heavy for them to flip over and it deters them being able to dig out my plants.

This is my tomatoes seedling, they dug them out because I forgot the clay pots.

Have you had anything do destruction in your garden? Would love to read about your woes. Hope you have a calm week free of pests.

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