Coffee shops and bistros

When you think about a light place to have a snack, light meal and a drink what do you imagine? What does the environment look and feel like? 

If your not sure what a bistro is, it is  small and inexpensive place where people can go to eat. Up until putting this blog together did I know what it meant. I love learning when i share a blog idea with you.

What foods do you enjoy seeing when you look over the menu? 

I went out to work in a different town. It was well after lunch and I was feeling hungry. With my food challenges it is not always easy to find foods that are good for me all the way around. 

There was a sign that indicated gluten free, I don’t get as excited as some who can’t have gluten get due to not being able to have corn, nuts and mushrooms as well. 

Went in looked over the menu and some of the pre packed house brand foods to see ingredients would be safe and they were. This little place is looking hopeful.

This is the menu on the wall, The glare was really hard to get the photo. Here is their menu.

We ordered, they were a bit short on some of their lunch items. The staff was cool and trying to meet our needs. We are flexible, so it’s not too hard to make us happy.. It was very busy there, this is because it is very hard to find places to get gluten free or other unconventional diets. The Polly Fox also had foods for vegans and people on Keto.

This opens up for so many of us with specific dietary needs.

The environment was lit with natural lighting and lovely art.

They had house brand products for sale. They even had a gluten free ice cream sandwich. That is so hard to find within 30 to 60 mins from where my home town is.

This is just some of the things they sell, Here is their order page.

We ordered 2 chicken with avocado sandwiches on different breads because that is all they had. So we got one on ciabatta bread and one on focaccia. For drinks we ordered creamed earl gray and a mocha. We really wanted real cups but they aren’t using them at this stage in the pandemic yet so had to-go cups. Lunch was very yummy. We shared half of each sandwich. I preferred the focaccia. 

The toothpicks where like tiny wepons, I might have lost an eye if I did not wear glasses.
They really blended with the bread

We left feeling satisfied. When was the last time you enjoyed a light meal out. What did you enjoy about the place?

1 thought on “Coffee shops and bistros”

  1. It has been a long time since I have really been happy with food outside the home. I have found it to either be far blander then I remember from before Covid, or smaller portions. I have also found that the service in many places has suffered as well.

    So to find a place that checks all the right boxes is pretty impressive. Thanks for the heads up.


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