Airbnb Shawnigan Lake

What do you need when you need to take time away? I like quiet, clean and near nature. Being by the water calms my mind. 

Shawnigan Lake

 I decided time to get away, we did not have time and money for a long trip with a huge expense attached. We were coming to Vancouver Island to see family, clear out the cobwebs of the brain and maybe find a place to live. 

I would recommend if you need to take the ferries to and from Vancouver to Vancouver Island to make a ferry reservation. BC Ferries booking was only $17 for the reservation each way, the down fall was needing to be at the terminal 1 hour to 30 min prior to reservation cut off. Going to the island it was a scary close to the cut off, with others on the commute having emergencies. They did honor our reservation. We learned to give time for long lines at the terminal. The trip back we arrived a hour before cut off, much less stress.

We had booked a place to stay using Airbnb. We arrived 10:30 pm, our Hostess had given us good instructions so we were able go in and quietly get settled. The other people were up and still enjoying tv in their space.

This is the home we stayed at.

The tranquility of 7:30 am the next morning, birds and mostly quiet. Sitting with the sun at my back and tea in my reach. There are some traffic noises. About to sit back and read my book as I enjoy my tea. 

On the far side of the road is a lake that I walked too, the view and quiet of 6:30 am was what I enjoyed, it made me feel calm. Just after 8 am there were humming birds near the flowers and a baby bird chatting in the distance.

Some of the flowers the humming birds enjoyed, those little birds are fast I could not get a photo this time.

The place we stayed had two rooms for guests, we were in the Beach Room. The rooms both had full fridges, portable air conditioning and celling fans. Each room had a locking door with a key. It was a bit interesting sharing a bathroom and a kitchenette. I was able to try an induction burner that was very nice, they heat and cool very fast. She has a kettle for us that love tea that was a blessing. With the pandemic and our lifted restrictions it was a bit hard for me to share close space… The other people there had a lovely little white bulldog named Pickle, she was such a love bug. 

This was the ramp to the rooms

If you have never used a Airbnb it was quite the experience when we used an app on our cell phones. On the android Iphone platforms if you search in the play store Airbnb Vacation Rentals & Experiences. My search I put in the Airbnb app. You can also do it on the computer or other devices. You will create an account and can then search. I had to go on to the app and choose places in areas that suited our needs. The app shows information with photos about the place and the host. It can give you a neat way to explore many different areas including places to stay in different countries. You and the host send messages back and forth thought the app. Our host was rated as a Superhost, who are experienced hosts who provide a shining example for other hosts, and extraordinary experiences for their guests.

I was grateful to have a host that was a good match for us. Julie was kind and laid back, she had flexibility for our later then expected arrival. She shared her outside space and had a barbeque for guests to use, she allowed guests to be part of her world. On Saturday night she and the other guests hung out at the propane fire pit. That is also where I enjoyed my early mornings with nature and reading my books.

Please share about a lovely time you had at an airbnb? Might inspire use to use the place.

1 thought on “Airbnb Shawnigan Lake”

  1. I have stayed at many Airbnb places. Almost all of them were good. What I have learned is to read all the listed amenities very closely as well as descriptions of any shared spaces.

    Only once we’re we truly disappointed in a place. It was far smaller then we thought as well as had no place to wash any dishes we used. Did not enjoy washing cooking I stuff in the bathroom sink.

    However I really have no issues with Airbnb and recommend them a lot.


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