Beds Then And Now

The unusual cold weather we are having in my part of the world has me thinking about how lucky anyone is to have a warm bed and nice bedding. 

The recharge station in the house. Photo by me.

Did you ever think about where beds came from and how we evolved from sleeping on the ground?

We have come a long way since the first mattress was found 77,000 year ago. Many of us in non-impoverished countries don’t need to sleep in pits lined with grass, straw or drying leaves.

Bed from King Tut’s Tomb. Not sure who took the photo.

I love when I read about beds with canopies on them. They were there so things like bugs and other things would not fall on the beds though the rooves that at the time were often made of thatch. 

Those crafty Egyptians gave used raised beds. The Romans had raised metal bed frames The covers would be filled with feathers

Both then and now beds would be a sign of wealth. In today’s world most people do not have gold or other fancy embellishments so you may not be able to tell how much one has by their bed.

In many communities people still sleep on the floor or outside. People in combat often have to forgo beds and sleep for that matter.

I find many beds today don’t have the art and workmanship, they are also not heavy solid wood.

My dear friends from India set up floor beds and many of us shared the set up and space. It would be a sheet down first then heavy blankets and another sheet then the blankets. We all would share the sleeping spot.

Amritsar, India – March 29, 2016: Unidentified Indian people sleeping on the floor in the pilgrim`s dormitories of the Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar, India

In the 1980 our home had a waterbed. Guess many would think that was very odd sleeping on a rubber mattress filled with water. It was heated! I recall it being a bit difficult to make the bed.


Having nurses in my family we learned to do hospital corners. That was a way that the beds were made to keep things safe and helped keep the patients tucked in.

When you are blessed to go to sleep in a bed, I hope you wake up feeling rested and hope you can create some good habits for rest. It is almost a New Year so I’m looking forward to sharing new topics with you!

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