Routine Out The Window

People often have things they do over and over. Waking up and having set patterns and routines is part of how many living things pull though…

Then the holidays happen, all that once was is lost. Some are scrambling to get their first beverage of the day as they stagger about in their lost sense of the normal.

Many had time off around the holidays and had the option of sleeping in. Some of us stayed up way too late. This is never good for our health in the long run.

This blog was inspired by ”it is Wednesday, get the blog finished and ready for my readers”. Often I have instant vanilla coffee at 2:00 pm on blog finishing day. It is a nice break from my normal teas. 

My partner has a routine of starting work and having a hot beverage about 45 minutes later. The online meetings can drag out. Need something to keep you alert! I get up get, start my vehicle, grab my hot water or tea and my shake then out on the road.

I know this week’s topic is not very long. I spent some of the week not feeling so good and my brain still has not recovered fully yet. Tossed my routine off even more, but not my treat of coffee!

Note about my WordPress: I’m aware that people that are trying to subscribe are being told they are already subscribed. The people getting the email already are not able to view the blog though the  link. 

MicroStockHub—Getty Images/iStockphoto

I have been working with WordPress to fix this problem

Please go to the web and search if you would like to read the new blog posts. I will put a Special post up when it is working again.

Hope you have a great week. Set time for you in getting back to more normal.

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