When your sick and living with others

Whatever your views are, being sick is not pleasant for most. Now we have this pandemic. Any sneezes, sniffles, cough or sore throat has me wondering what is next. Before the pandemic normal things like a mild sore throat would not have me stressing. Now it is like, what is going to come to this will we need medical care.


So what happens if you live with other humans if you get sick? 

You need to think is there a way to reduce the chances of them getting ill too. 

  • You can do your best to avoid close contact
  • Wear your mask when you’re not in your own closed space. 
  • Wash your hands if you touch your mouth, nose or eyes for any reason.
  • If you can sleep apart from your bed mate might be an idea. 
  • You can drink warm water to help if you have phlegm.
  • Order groceries online ( you will likely need a credit card. When your healthily and if you have some money to spare you can buy a prepaid credit card.)
  • If you have someone that is willing to make a meal and drop it at the door. Do no contact drop offs.
  • Keep meds on hand.
  • Write your care card number down incase someone else needs to call for aid for you
  • If you need to go by ambulance or to the hospital, leave all valuables including smart watches at home.
  • Read about warnings to take yourself to the emergency.
  • If you think you have covid your area might have an online screening to see if you are eligible to get a covid test. 
  • Have a garbage bag for used Kleenex that you can tie off.
  • Clean high touch points
  • Open the windows let fresh air in.
  • Don’t share cups or utensils anything that goes near your mouth including vape equipment and cigarettes
Not sure who’s work this is.

Doing. Your part to keep yourself and others as healthy as you can.

Things my home keeps on hand.

  • Fenugreek and thyme (helps with phlegm and congestion)
  • Lemons for hot lemon tea, with honey and ginger.
  • Cold and flu decongestant
  • Fishermans friend (lozenge)
  • Pain medication like Tylenol, ibuprofen and aspirin
  • Neti pot to do a nose rinse (use cooled boiled water, not tap water)
  • Kleenex (tissue)
  • Anti nausea meds
  • Diarrhea meds.
  • Humidifier
  • Magnesium (aids sleep and helps with body pain)
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

It is very difficult to share a home or connection and not be able to hug or sit close for meals even to wear masks the whole day. What measures have you taken to keep people you care for safer. Hope you are staying healthy, If you are not feeling well please stay home and rest, have a plan if you or your family get ill. Do your best to feel better.

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