Let’s cut the cake

Have you enjoyed cake at a special occasion? Have you ever wondered what’s the history of cake? 


Cake as been part of history from very early times. The word cake has been in use since 1390’s it was more to do with the shape of cooked dough lumps.

Germans culture is believed to have made the first birthday cakes in the medieval times

Cake in many cultures is a decadent dessert to be shared. Because the ingredients in cake were some of the finest and quite expensive they were not made often. 

Cake has traditional aspects too. Many places feeding people cake at a birthday or wedding is believed to be a loving act. Cutting the wedding cake together symbolizes the first act the couple shares in doing together.

Brazil: The birthday boy or girl is given the first piece of cake, but they do not keep it for themselves. They give it to the most important person in their lives. For kids, that’s usually the mom or dad. I found this on The word for cake world wide.

My grandma and other grandmas used to bake cakes with coin money in it. I read that it was lucky for whoever found the money, not sure if that is why she did it, I would have to ask someone in my family. My family shared that grandma would make angel food cake with icing, that was a very special treat. Gluten free angel food cake

My grandpa’s sisters made a cake with lots of butter and fruit like plums or blueberries baked on top. They are of German descent so it was called Kuchen. They were very set on how it was done, I had the blessing of making it with the 3 of them.

Not gluten free but so pretty. https://www.taste.com.au/recipes/angel-food-cake/6e31de9e-e150-4078-84b6-7bed0bccbca6

Blowing out candles, I have heard everything from if you blow them all out you will have luck to how many people you will have a relationship interest in.

During or after the war people were dealing with rations so people became creative with what they had and Wacky cakes were made. Boiled Raisin Cake was an other one we ate in my family.

At that time they did not have a lot  of icing or frosting because egg milk and butter were very hard to come by so they would use powdered sugar on top a little went a long way. This one was used after world war one!

The world record for the longest cake is held by India on July 15, 2020 by: Bakers Association Kerala

Not gluten free. Birthday cake

If you eat cake do you have any special memories around that? Does your family have any special traditions around cake? What type of cake do you really enjoy. For me it is carrot cake followed by a rich dense German chocolate cake with a raspberry topping. Being gluten and corn free for years I have learned to make many lovely gluten free cakes.

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