The Historic Roundhouse In Esquimalt

I had the opportunity of working an event at a historical site in Esquimalt, which is on the south side of Vancouver Island..

Heritage structures fascinate me. 

Photo take by me June 2022 The big wooden doors Of the Roundhouse. This is the car house.

They had a way of building art. The buildings were not always as elaborate as the roman days, but still has arch brickwork that now has vines growing in it. The Roundhouse is composed of three industrial buildings. It was designated a Heritage site of Canada in 1992.

Photo by me, in reading about the Roundhouse, They talk about the big windows to let lots of light in.
Many are boarded up now.

The buildings were designed to store, maintain and service the locomotives. It was used to service them until 1949. I think about how warm it would have been in the summer. One of the buildings had a boiler room. There were fans but no air conditioning. The Roundhouse is one of 3 built, and the only surviving Roundhouse built for the EN rails. The EN Stands for Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway it is located at 253 Esquimalt Rd, Victoria, BC

Photo by me, This is one of the other three buildings of the Roundhouse.

Before the first world war the EN rail was run and owned by Robert Dunsmuir. He came from Scotland and owned much of the EN run and founded the railway. He started as a coal miner and died the richest man in British Columbia in that era. 

When I decided to do this as a blog topic, I never realized how cool it would be, nor did I realize my photos would be a history lesson. Sometimes when I get a quick photo opportunity and so much more develops.  I went back to the site and looked around after doing some reading. There was not as much information online as I had hoped. A family member of mine is into trains and the history of the rail line. I gave him a call as he has many wonderful books on the topic. Because of the timeline as I was doing my blog, the books were not able to be looked at for information. So I might do a continuation on this topic in the future. 

Photo by me, this is a locomotive that was in the bay. Workers would get in to the pit to look under the trains to work on them.
Photo by me, the Ivy growing under the metal protective grate over the window.

What historical things or places do you enjoy, do you take photos of old places? Hope you have a great long weekend.

Some of the links I used to write this blog are:

Biography on Robert Dunsmuir

Saanich News History of The EN rail

Update On the Roundhouse from 2004

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  1. Very cool pics! And the writeup, too. I should go visit, I’ve walked and driven past it so many times. ________________________________


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